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Active senior living promises retirees a full life and plenty of luxury. If you’re considering a switch to senior living, you might be skeptical, wondering if a community can really compete with life at home. The truth is that you just can’t get the same amenities at home that you get in an active senior living community — certainly not for the same price. Senior living offers a bit of everything, from gourmet dining and regular classes to a deep sense of community. We are the antidote to boredom and isolation in retirement. Here’s what you can expect from a move to our community.

More Time to Do What You Love

When you were fighting traffic on the way to work or wrangling uncooperative children, you probably fantasized about an obligation-free retirement. For many seniors, retirement only brings new obligations: maintaining a home, managing finances, endless doctor’s appointments. In our community, we take care of the daily basics for you, offering housekeeping and a beautiful home, so you can focus on doing whatever it is you love. Whether you want to master a new skill or spend more time on an ongoing project, we’re here to support your dreams.

Better Health

As you age, tending to your health can feel like a full-time job. You have to eat healthy, exercise, control your stress, stay on top of your medical appointments, take your medicine ... the list goes on and on, and you still have to find some time to enjoy yourself and socialize. At Arbor, we make healthy living easy, with walkable grounds, exercise classes, nourishing meals, and an environment that prevents feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Exceptional Food

It is the eternal conundrum of healthy eating: It takes more effort and often doesn’t taste as good as the drive-through. At Arbor, though, it’s not that way at all. We can cater to virtually any dietary need, from diabetic to vegetarian. We offer gourmet dining throughout the day with food that is delicious and nutritious. Forget about wasting hundreds of dollars at the grocery store, fighting with recipes, and hoping for the best. We take the guesswork out of healthy eating, so you can enjoy cooking only when you want to do it.

Deeper Friendships

Planning time with your friends can be tricky, especially if not everyone drives. Arbor offers a great central meeting place for your book club or weekly outings with friends. It also offers a chance to nurture friendships a little closer to home with seniors who are just as invested in an active, meaningful retirement as you are. Get up early and grab breakfast with your neighbor. Then head to yoga and lunch with another friend. Enjoy dinner with your grandkids, then stay up late watching a marathon of TV with the person who lives next door to you.

Peace of Mind

What would happen if you fell and needed help? What about if your needs eventually change? At our active senior living community, someone is always around to help if you need it. You deserve to feel confident about the future — and to stop fielding questions from your kids about what you plan to do if your health ever fails. Arbor offers you peace of mind, so you can focus on more joyful living in the present.

The Arbor Company is deeply committed to active, meaningful retirements for all seniors. We’d love to help you weigh your retirement choices. To learn from our expertise, download our free guide, Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.

Safe & Comfortable Guide

Elizabeth Andropoli

About the Author: Elizabeth Andropoli

“Liz” has been a senior-living professional for more than fifteen years, she entered the industry following a six-year background of experience in health care. She has been Executive Director at Arbor Terrace since 2012. Liz lives in Teaneck with her three children who have obviously inherited her passion for servicing those advanced in age as her two eldest are also employed in the senior-living industry – her youngest, still in school, is interested in computers and finance. Liz has eclectic tastes in leisure activities: while she enjoys parasailing, zip lining and riding motorcycles, her favorite vacation is her annual summertime stay, with her family, at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.