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Assisted Living for Seniors

Greenville County is, by population, the largest county in South Carolina, with an estimated 523,542 residents as of July 2019. More than 16 percent of that population comprises adults aged 65 or older. Some members of this demographic are proud lifelong Greenville residents; others chose to retire to Greenville because of its temperate climate and wide variety of attractions and activities.

Whatever brought you here, if you’re a senior who is hoping to stay, but you find yourself needing a little more help, this article is for you. Below, we answer five commonly asked questions about finding the perfect assisted living in Greenville.

1. What Exactly Is Assisted Living?

Many seniors and their loved ones feel wary of assisted living communities, picturing bland facilities with uninvolved staff and major restrictions on residents’ activities. But high-quality assisted living facilities are a far cry from these old stereotypes! Assisted living is for active seniors who want to remain mostly independent but need some help with tasks such as bathing and medication management.

Residents are encouraged to  remain active and engaged, to develop new hobbies and continue exploring old ones, and to maintain existing and create new and meaningful relationships. Also, there are multiple levels of care available in assisted living communities, so as your needs change, you’ll still feel right at home.

2. Can I Afford Assisted Living?

When considering the cost of assisted living, many people only think of the dollar amount. And we can give you that info: According to, the average monthly cost of assisted living in South Carolina is $3,713. Greenville’s average cost is higher than the state average at just over $4,000 per month, but significantly lower than you could expect to pay in Myrtle Beach. The price tag is enough to cause some people to hesitate, but we encourage you to consider all that is included in the cost. In addition to room and board, the monthly cost of assisted living covers the daily assistance mentioned above, three meals per day, access to trained staff, and a host of on-site amenities that would each come with separate costs if you were living at home. Our senior living cost calculator can help you determine just how affordable assisted living is for you — you might be pleasantly surprised!

3. What Kinds of Amenities and Accommodations Are Available?

We love to see the surprised looks on new residents’ faces when they discover just how much they have access to at The Gardens at Eastside. On-site amenities include a beauty salon, a cozy library, a restaurant-style dining room where our fantastic chefs serve three meals per day, and a fitness center to counterbalance those great meals. There is a constantly rotating calendar of social events and activities for residents to enjoy, and everyone is encouraged to continue exploring their favorite hobbies, including gardening and hosting game nights. At the end of a fun-filled or luxurious day, residents return to comfortable apartments, which can be decorated and furnished according to each resident’s tastes. 

4. Will It Still Feel Like Living in Greenville?

You live in Greenville because you love it; it’s home. That’s true for our staff as much as it is for our residents! We frequently take community outings into town, and we are always happy to schedule individual transportation to a favorite museum or a Greenville County Rec program. We also encourage nearby loved ones to visit anytime, whether for a meal or other social activity, or for a one-on-one visit. Family members are also welcome to pick up their loved one and have a family day shopping and seeing the sights! Note that, at the time of this writing, some of these options are limited by COVID-19 restrictions. However, we look forward to ramping up our engagement with the community and with visitors and each other soon!

5. How Can I Take the Next Step? 

Maybe you have more questions and want to talk with someone you can trust. Maybe this article has got you feeling excited about the possibilities of assisted living in Greenville and you’re ready to pick a floor plan! Whatever the case may be, we’re ready and waiting to talk with you. Contact us today to learn more about what life can be like at The Gardens at Eastside.

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Jane Ford

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I am originally from Charleston, SC, but our family have called the Upstate home since 1983. After a career in the hospitality industry, in 1997 my heart found a new passion in working with our senior population. I joined The Gardens team in January 2005 and I truly love working with this amazing team. I strive to make a difference in the lives of our residents and staff, but they are the ones who make a difference in mine.