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Senior Living Options Infographic: Senior Living Options

When it comes to senior living, the options can seem endless. We created this chart to help you understand the different levels of care, and identify which best fits your or your loved one's needs. 

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Dining Options, Senior Living Amenities Dining Options at Our Senior Living Community

Restaurant-style dining has a special meaning for residents and staff at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. We take meals seriously because we know that seniors understand what great dining is all about. And we know that providing healthy, nutritious, and gourmet dining options is important to the health and satisfaction of our community. At Arbor Terrace, we have moved beyond the old-style, monotonous, and tasteless food some people might expect to find. 

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Memory care 6 Things in our Community That Help with Memory Care

The job of caregiver for a person with dementia is both daunting and exhausting. Not only must day-to-day activities be planned, but life decisions and medical choices must also be made. Most family members acting as caregivers lack the skills and experience of trained professionals. Further, as time passes, the progress of the disease makes delivering quality care more difficult.

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Senior living, community tour What To Expect During Your Senior Living Community Tour

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we like to say we create “deep connections” with our residents. We believe that the personal relationships we build allow us to go well beyond providing the basic services found in most senior living communities. We use those connections as the spark to better serve our residents and provide the kind of lifestyle our residents expect.

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Assisted living, Understanding Assisted Living Searching for Assisted Living in Lakeway? Here's What You Need to Know

You've decided to move to an assisted living community, but aren't sure exactly how to go about selecting one. One way to compare alternatives is to prepare and answer questions about the features you want. Base questions on things that are important to you, then talk with an Arbor Terrace representative. Review the list, get answers, then take a tour and enjoy a meal in our elegant dining room. You'll see that Arbor Terrace offers the finest in assisted living in Lakeway, Texas.

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Senior Resources 5 Caregiver Resources Near Lakeway

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there were approximately 43.5 million caregivers in the U.S. in 2015 (the most recent year for which such data is available), and that of those caregivers, nearly 15.7 million were caring for someone who has Alzheimer's or another form of dementia. These caregivers managed a wide range of tasks, including shopping, personal assistance, complex chronic care (medical and nursing tasks), and others.

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Memory care, Dementia Care How Arbor Terrace Lakeway Approaches Memory Care

The moment your loved one receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, your world changes immediately. You are suddenly immersed in a whole new conversation, and you probably aren’t quite sure how to speak this new language. Fortunately, this diagnosis now typically happens years earlier than it used to, giving you and your family members the chance to work together with your loved  one to meet their needs.

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Memory care, Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia Care How Memory Care at Arbor Terrace Is Different

Maintaining excellent quality of life for memory care patients depends in no small part on keeping them active, engaged, and socialized. At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we not only have years of experience at caring for dementia patients, but we’ve also developed a unique and specialized approach to memory care that is second to none.

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Assisted living Why Arbor Terrace Could Be the Right Assisted Living for Your Parent

Almost 90 percent of seniors say they hope to age in place, remaining in their homes for as long as possible. Perhaps that’s why so many delay the conversation about senior living until they need immediate, urgent help. The truth is that staying at home can be expensive, dangerous, and downright isolating for seniors who need help with activities of daily living. If you’re considering assisted living for a parent, know that most seniors thrive in senior living communities, where they get more socialization, better food, and a chance at a happier retirement. Here are five reasons Arbor Terrace could be the right assisted living community for your parents.

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Memory care, Dementia Care What You Need To Know About Memory Care in Lakeway, TX

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, our primary goal is to create a safe, secure, and rewarding environment for each of our residents. Our commitment is to seeing that your loved ones who are living with dementia or other memory issues can stay engaged, remain healthy, and feel loved and cared for. This is our commitment to you, and it is our commitment to our residents.

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