Argentum Quality Standards

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Argentum-2016-Standards-Award-WEB.pngAll of our Arbor Company communities have embraced the new voluntary standards developed by the senior living industry’s leading association, Argentum. The standards complement, rather than replace state laws and regulations governing the operation of senior living communities.

Developed by a panel of executives from independent living, assisted living and memory care communities around the country, the 12 standards provide guidelines for basic practices in the following areas.

  • consumer disclosure (providing a consumer-friendly disclosure document to prospective residents)
  • resident rights (supporting residents’ choice, independence, dignity and privacy to the extent possible)
  • resident-centered care (designed with input from residents and their families)
  • infrastructure to enhance resident safety
  • staff training and qualifications (ensuring staff have appropriate skills and training)
  • programming that gives residents a wide range of activities reflecting their interests
  • a safe and effective system for medication delivery
  • measures for continuous improvement in the quality of life and care for residents
  • nutritious dining options reflecting resident dietary needs and choices
  • regulatory compliance and enforcement
  • workforce practices (treating employees with respect and offering them an equal opportunity for career advancement)
  • and special standards for memory care staffing and program design.

Learn more about the Quality Standards in an Argentum press release


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