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Seniors are just as diverse as any other demographic group, with different goals, different passions, and different concerns about the future. Yet as a society, we’ve long talked about seniors as if they’re all the same. This ageist notion rightly triggers a number of fears in seniors. They worry about being put away, about being abandoned, about being treated like an “old person.” And when it comes to senior living decisions, many seniors operate from a place of fear rather than one of hope.

Dispelling a few common myths about senior living can ease anxiety and help seniors choose a retirement they can be excited about—not one they fear. Here are four things you might have wrong about senior living communities.

4 Senior Living Myths

1. I won’t have privacy.

Many seniors are tired of people intruding on their lives—children dropping by to check on them, grandchildren insisting they know which living option is best. Many worry that senior living will mean constant supervision and handing over control to someone else. Nothing could be further from the truth. Senior living offers you help and support when you need it, while always respecting your privacy and giving you the space you need.

2. I can’t enjoy my hobbies and I’ll be bored. 

You’ve spent a lifetime cultivating interests. Senior living doesn’t have to mean abandoning them. The right senior living community allows you to continue learning new things while pursuing the hobbies you already love. Most seniors find that they have more time to focus on their passions in a senior living community, and that the right community even empowers them to nurture and develop new passions.

3. Senior living is depressing.

The painful truth is that it’s often living at home that’s depressing. One recent study found that more than 40 percent of seniors report being lonely on a regular basis. In senior communities, you never have to worry about being lonely. Daily activities, special events, and a close-knit community of seniors committed to meaningful lives protect you from feelings of depression, isolation, and boredom.

4. All senior living communities are the same.

Each senior living community boasts its own culture, values, and activities. Some are heavily focused on health and fitness. Others prioritize outdoor activities or trips to wineries and museums. The key is to find the senior living community that is best suited to your needs.

Why Arbor is Different

The Arbor Company is a family of senior living communities designed to serve seniors of all needs and backgrounds—from those who want to live independently to those who need intensive daily care. We offer private rooms, a variety of floor plans, and an endless assortment of activities. The overwhelming consensus among seniors in our communities is that they have more to do, greater independence, and more friends at Arbor than they ever had before.

We know that seniors deserve to lead lives of joy and purpose. We shape every community to fit the needs of the seniors it serves, working diligently to ensure that every senior gets the retirement they deserve and the support they need.

Your Senior Living Options

Arbor offers a continuum of senior living options. At many communities, seniors can seamlessly transition from one level of care to the next. So what’s the difference between the various options? Here’s a basic overview:

  • Independent living is for seniors with few or no care needs, who wish to lead independent lives in communities that foster a sense of belonging with an ever-evolving roster of activities.
  • Assisted living offers seniors help with activities of daily living, including medication management, getting dressed, and bathing. It’s ideal for seniors who want to remain independent but whose bodies make that progressively more difficult.
  • Bridges is a comprehensive care community for people who have serious cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s, but who are not yet ready for memory care.
  • Memory care offers 24/7 care to seniors with memory and other cognitive impairments. Activities are tailored to the abilities and interests of residents, and care evolves to meet the needs of each individual resident.

The Arbor Company has supported seniors for more than 30 years. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years bring. To learn more about the options we offer, download our Senior Care Demystified guide.

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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