7 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Seniors

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, a time when we honor the women who shaped our personalities, encouraged us through difficult times, and celebrated achievements big and small. Your relationship with your mom may be complicated, and you may be facing a “new normal” if your mother is aging or experiencing some new medical concerns. This could be an especially challenging time for you if your mother lives in an assisted living community. You could be struggling with ways to get together this holiday. Fortunately, you can celebrate Mother’s Day in a variety of ways, and without a traditional brunch out on the town. Here are just a few ways you can make the day special for your mom, while creating memories you will both treasure.

1. Don’t Worry About the Day of the Month
You may find it impossible to celebrate with your mom on Mother’s Day; this can bring immense feelings of guilt or worry. However, remember that you don’t need to be physically with your mom on Mother’s Day to celebrate her. If you are headed into town a few weeks after Mother’s Day, plan a special day out during that time to be with her.

2. Bring Her Favorites to Her

If complex medical conditions, or difficulty ambulating, make it difficult to go out of the house with your mom, bring (or send) her favorites to her instead. Pack her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant, and grab a favorite dessert from the best bakery in town, before arriving at her doorstep. Add colorful flowers and a festive tablecloth, and you have just made an otherwise ordinary day one to remember.

This idea is especially helpful if your mom lives in an assisted living community, as she may not always have the chance to enjoy some of her favorite foods, treats, or splurges. Invite a few of her neighbors to join in the celebration with you as well!

3. Try Something New Together

Memories and connections are best made over a shared experience. Create these memories by trying something new with your mom. Take a yoga class, try a cooking class, or maybe take some extra time to admire the flowers in a garden that you haven’t been to before. You both will find the change of scenery refreshing; spending time together is the best gift you can give.

If your mom lives in an assisted living community, you can participate in group programs together. Most assisted living communities offer engaging programs and events that residents and their family members can enjoy together. Enjoy an ice cream social together, chatting with her friends around the table, or take that trivia class together for some fun competition.

4. DIY Your Flower Game

Sending mom a bouquet of flowers is thoughtful, but bringing supplies to make an arrangement together is even better, if you live nearby. Not only do you have the chance to create something beautiful together, you also have the chance to connect over scissors, blooms, and vases. Simply grab a variety of blooms from your florist and a few vases or jars before heading over to create bouquets together. Scatter the creations throughout your mom’s home and even consider taking one to a neighbor.

5. Invite Others

During your Mother’s Day celebrations, consider inviting along a senior or two who may be lonely or unable to celebrate with family. You will love the chance to get to know others who live in your mom’s assisted living community, and we guarantee it will make the day of those you invite.

6. Play with the Kiddos

Mother’s Day is a celebration for all ages; if you have children in your extended family, be sure to include them in the festivities. Bring along a few easy activities, like bubbles, pinwheels, or kites, and encourage your mom to get involved with the younger generation. You can also plan to bake together, as nothing bonds generations better than a shared love for cookie batter. If your mom’s assisted living community offers a family celebration around Mother’s Day, be sure to invite the kids to come along too!

7. Send a Care Package

If you can’t be with your loved one on Mother’s Day, consider sending a care package full of favorite things instead of a traditional bouquet of flowers. Pack favorite candy, homemade cards from grandkids, a gift certificate to her favorite manicure salon, and a few framed photos of the two of you. A well-planned and well-timed care package is sure to be better than a typical flower delivery.

Mother’s Day can be an emotionally fraught time of year, but it doesn’t have to be. If you focus on sharing an activity or experience with your mom, you will be surprised at how quickly your time passes together. No matter how you choose to spend your time together, you will both end the day with memories to last a lifetime.

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