What Is the Average Discretionary Budget for Activities for Someone Living in Assisted Living

Caring for a senior loved one can be emotionally taxing and even physically draining. Family Caregiver Alliance reports that family caregivers can suffer from increased risks of depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as an increased risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses. Even family members who live far away but still participate in coordinating care for loved ones who live at home alone report mental and physical symptoms of stress.

Many family members wisely choose to enlist the help of senior care professionals to keep their aging loved one healthy and happy. For some, this means seeking out an assisted living community. These communities can offer a safe environment, along with activities that can increase the quality of life for their residents.

If you are wondering whether you can afford assisted living, along with other discretionary expenses that could come with your aging loved one, here is what you need to know.

Cost of Assisted Living

When it comes to the financial side of things, assisted living communities can vary quite a bit. However, there are some aspects that most communities across the country share. The first is a monthly fee.

Seniors who live in assisted living communities pay a monthly fee. This cost covers their apartment rent, along with most utilities and includes access to amenities like housekeeping services, caregivers who can assist with daily tasks, and three meals a day in the dining room.

Most assisted living communities also charge additional fees for increased needs. These levels of care charges can differ from community to community, and depend upon each individual senior and their challenges.

Fortunately, assisted living communities are much more affordable than many might think, especially when compared to living alone in a small home. Assisted living communities typically do not charge for landscaping costs, home maintenance costs, or other fees related to owning or renting a house.
Compare the costs of senior living. Use our senior living calculator.

Extra Costs to Consider

If your loved one does live in an assisted living community, there are some discretionary costs you can plan for. For example, your loved one may want to get their hair done in the community’s beauty salon at an additional cost, or they may want to have additional channels added to the community’s standard cable package.

Although activities are covered in your monthly fee, your loved one may want to take some spending money along on their community trips to the grocery store for a favorite snack, or to purchase gifts for family members during a trip to the mall. Other financial expenditures could include physician visits and other medical costs, as well as incontinence pads or other hygiene products.

It is wise to talk about financial spending and additional costs during your assisted living tour. Although the community representative may not be able to give you an exact monthly spending amount, they can give you an estimate that’ll be good enough to help with your financial planning.

Next Steps

If you are questioning whether assisted living is affordable for you, consider using our cost calculator or explore our financial resources. Then, take a look at assisted living in action by touring a local Arbor Company community near you. During your time at the community, talk about your financial questions and be honest with your concerns. Our team members have experience working with individuals just like you and are ready to provide resources that could make a big difference in your long-term plans.

Assisted living is an excellent option for seniors looking for peace of mind, safety, and friendly socialization to keep loneliness at bay. Even better, community living can be affordable and accessible for you.

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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