Assisted living is a wonderful option for older adults who need some hands-on care or reminders in order to stay healthy. Seniors living with chronic medical conditions, a long or confusing list of regular medications, or some mobility issues may find that assisted living offers the perfect blend of independence and access to caregivers available to lend a hand when needed. For family members, assisted living communities can offer peace of mind when it comes to safety. All in all, assisted living benefits seniors and the family members who love them.

However, if you or your loved one have started thinking about assisted living as an option, you may feel overwhelmed by the price. Most assisted living communities ask for a monthly fee, along with additional costs for any increased assistance that may be required. While it may seem like a large chunk of money to pay each month, when you take time to break it down, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that the cost of assisted living communities is actually less than if the senior chose to live alone in the greater community.

Assisted Living Amenities

Residents of assisted living enjoy a variety of amenities that are included in their monthly fee. In addition to the apartment, the monthly fee often covers utilities, garbage removal, cable, and even WiFi access. Three delicious and nutritious meals per day are included in the monthly fee, as are snacks served during activities or events. Transportation services to and from medical offices or local points of interest are often included in the monthly fee, as well. These amenities alone are lovely, but assisted living communities also offer professional medical assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Assisted living communities feature a staff of around-the-clock caregivers. Nurses are always on staff and handle medication management, as well as communication with the doctors or residents. Typically, pharmacies deliver directly to the assisted living community, which means the senior does not need to pick up or manage the ordering of recurring or new prescriptions. Caregivers are also available and assist residents throughout the day with tasks such as dressing, toileting, or ambulation.

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Cost Breakdown

Assisted living communities roll most costs up into one payment each month. If a senior chooses to live at home in the greater community, and not in an assisted living building, regular recurring costs can quickly add up. For example, Paying For Senior Care estimates that a visiting home health aide can cost up to $26 per hour for providing assistance such as meal preparation or daily task assistance. While those living in an assisted living community have access to caregiver assistance around the clock each day, seniors living at home must pay by the hour for the same assistance.

Beyond hands-on care and assistance, costs for a senior living at home can include a mortgage averaging $1,000 per month and utilities of around $300 per month. By the time you add in groceries, transportation costs, home maintenance fees (like lawn care services), and participation fees for activities at the local senior center, seniors living at home are paying just as much as, if not more than, a senior living comfortably in assisted living.

Next Steps

Assisted living communities not only offer access to amenities and friendly neighbors down the hall, these facilities also offer specially trained staff members that get to know each and every senior in their care. These relationships are priceless and can be the difference between a senior feeling lonely and feeling loved.

If you are curious how much you are spending each month, and how that could compare to an assisted living experience, check out our Cost Calculator. You may be surprised to see how much more you could be receiving for a similar amount of money at an exceptional assisted living community.

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