Holiday blues are often the result of being alone around the holidays, and this year, they will be more prevalent for seniors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrations will look different for many people, and while it may be tough to forgo sacred traditions and time together, there are alternative ways to celebrate.

November is National Family Caregivers Month, and as a new or longtime caregiver, you may be wondering how to celebrate safely and fend off holiday blues. Let your loved ones know that as much as you’d love to celebrate as usual, safety is the priority, and you have new ideas on how to be festive together. 

See these practical and cost-effective tips that will help you manage holiday blues and enjoy this season with loved ones.

Connect virtually or downsize

A great way to ring in the holidays with loved ones is to connect virtually. Set up time to have virtual events so you can all see each other for the holidays. If you’re still hoping to see loved ones in person, coordinate smaller, intimate gatherings and practice social distancing. 

Create new traditions

Holidays are often about traditions, and if you’re feeling sad about them not being feasible this year, create new ones. Perhaps send a handwritten note to a loved one to share that you’re grateful for them around Thanksgiving, or mail out holiday greeting cards with special notes and gifts. 

Don’t put pressure on yourself

It’s important to recognize that this is a difficult time, and these measures aren’t our first choice. Don’t feel pressured to make it perfect or be completely happy about it. Give yourself the gift of rest, do the best you can and remember that your loved ones will be appreciative.  

“While the holidays will look different in our senior living communities, we are making every effort to have meaningful time with family and friends,” shares Laura Ellen Christian, vice president of Engagement at The Arbor Company. “Regardless of how you decide to celebrate this year, there is always room for safety and joy.”


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