As you have likely seen in the news recently, the COVID-19 vaccine will be ready soon, and residents and staff in senior living communities are among the first groups being prioritized. At Arbor, this means nearly all of the communities we operate are in the “phase 1A” portion of the national rollout of the vaccine (the only communities not eligible are standalone independent living communities with no assisted living attached to them).

We recently shared some information with our residents and families as we prepare for the vaccines. We will have more details to share with you in the coming days and weeks, but here’s what we know now:

  • The vaccine will likely be available beginning  in December 2020. However, we do not yet know when it will come to our particular communities.
  • The vaccine will be administered by Walgreens. They will send representatives to our community to administer both doses of the vaccine to residents and staff. 
  • The vaccine will come in two doses, separated by about 21-28 days. 
  • Everyone getting the vaccine will be asked to sign a consent form from Walgreens. If someone is unable to sign, we will reach out to that person’s health care power of attorney for consent. 


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We believe that the vaccine is an important step toward keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, and we are thankful senior living communities were made a priority for the vaccines. While we can’t require anyone to take the vaccine, we highly encourage all residents and staff members to take it. 


If you are considering a move to senior living, now is a great time because it means that you can receive the vaccine before it becomes available to the public. But you will need to act sooner than later, because you will need to move in before the second clinic date in order to be able to receive the vaccine. Click here to find an Arbor Company community near you.


We will share more information with you as we know more about our vaccine schedule. In the meantime, we ask that you take a moment to read the vaccine information from the CDC.

Here’s a quick glance at the vaccine information we have right now:

ABR - 90901043 - Vaccine Timeline Infographic (1)


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