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One of the best parts of the holiday season is the food! Whether you are a fan of the savory tastes of the season or if you have a serious sweet tooth, you can find something to treat your palate during the month of December. Favorite foods, of course, aren’t just pretty on a plate or tasty on the tongue; food of the holiday season represents memories and traditions. If you are searching for traditional tastes that fit your senior nutrition preferences, look no further than a few of our favorite recipes.

Easy Ginger Cookies

We love this recipe from Taste of Home that will satisfy your seasonal taste for ginger cookies but won’t require rolling pins, cookie cutters, or colorful icing. These cookies are ready to be dropped right on your cookie sheet and won’t flatten out and harden like a crunchy gingersnap. Make the whole recipe and keep some for yourself, but wrap up extras for neighbors or community helpers like your mailman or paperboy.

Christmas-Inspired Coffee

If you can’t make it out to the local coffee shop to enjoy festive tastes in your coffee mug, you can easily make a Christmas coffee drink at home. We like this recipe from Mr Breakfast, because you might have everything you need already in your cabinets. While the recipe suits a crowd and is excellent for entertaining, you can also scale it down a bit if you are only looking to enjoy a cup or two.

An Easy Main Dish

If you are hosting a holiday gathering, or if you are looking for an easy main dish that can give you delicious leftovers, try out this recipe from This pork loin does require basting but is otherwise easy to stick in the oven, allowing you to get to chatting with your visitors. Use leftovers for sandwiches or even chunked in a soup.

Something to Do With the Kids

Get your grandkids (or great-grandkids) in the kitchen with you by working together on this sweet and healthy Santa dessert from Betty Crocker. The execution doesn’t have to be perfect to create a meaningful moment together. Set your finished Santas out for Christmas morning or to enjoy right away. If you have extra strawberries, whipped cream, and energy left, consider the Santa pancake decoration idea from Love Taza.

Speaking of Breakfast

If you are looking to prepare a breakfast for one or for two during the holidays that isn’t the typical toast and coffee that you are accustomed to, try out a breakfast casserole from It’s easy to prepare ahead of time so that it is ready to be pulled out in the morning and be put right into the oven. You can swap out the protein for whatever you prefer or have on hand (like pork loin leftovers), and you can switch out the cheese or even add more veggies.

Senior nutrition doesn’t have to leave you feeling restricted or like you are going without your favorites during the holiday season. We hope your holiday is full of food that you like and people whom you love.

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