The promise of spring is in the air thanks to longer days, warmer temperatures, and bursts of color on budding trees. No matter whether you live in an area that endured a long winter full of snow or you are just looking forward to celebrating a new season, we have a few ideas that can inspire your next meet-up with friends or family.

Bucket lists for seniors don’t have to be boring! Spring into a season of growth and new life by seeing how many of these bucket list items you can cross off before summer arrives.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Support a local business and boost your home’s aesthetic by treating yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you’re feeling creative, buy a few bundles and take them home to create your own colorful arrangements to place around the house. If you’d prefer to let someone else do the arranging, buy a premade bouquet and display it in your favorite vase or mason jar at home. You can’t help but smile when there are fresh flowers on your table.

Find the Farmer’s Market

For midwestern and northeastern states, spring is the start of farmer’s market season. Most vendors won’t have copious amounts of fruits or vegetables yet, but you can still find local honey, eggs, and meat. Plus, it’s just another reason to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. In southern states, spring farmer’s markets are full of fresh produce, flowers, and opportunities to strike up a conversation without wilting in the heat or humidity. Take advantage of it!

Set a Step Goal

Intentional and natural movement is one of the Power 9® tips for longevity from people who live long and healthy lives in different parts of the world called blue zones. Spring is the perfect season to prioritize getting outside to take a stroll. Take time to set a goal for yourself so you can feel more inspired to lace up and hit the sidewalk. Try to fit in movement as much as possible during your day by walking to nearby destinations if you are able.

Get Creative

No bucket list for seniors or anyone else would be complete without a goal to try something new! Spring is a season for creativity, as most of us have been cooped up indoors for months and feel ready to bring something new into the world. Take a painting class at a local workshop, sign up for a pottery lesson, or begin journaling daily. Any type of creative expression is a good way to spend a spring afternoon or weekend.


Skip the spring deep cleaning this month and instead focus your energy on decluttering around the house. The garage, attic, and closets are all perfect places to start — we often accumulate more possessions there than in other spots in our homes. Mark a few days on your calendar to sift through the clutter, and donate or sell what no longer serves you.

Hit the Theater

Now is the perfect time to attend a touring Broadway production in your area, watch an orchestra concert, or even catch a newly released movie. It’s been so long since live productions were widely available; you’ll find yourself moved long before the show starts.

Fly a Kite

Feel like a kid again by tapping into some favorite childhood spring activities, such as flying a kite on a windy day. You can invite your grandchild to join you or simply go on your own. If kite-flying isn’t your cup of tea, try another favorite pastime such as blowing bubbles or drawing a chalk mural on the sidewalk. You’ll be surprised at how much energy these activities give you.

Get Into the Garden

Depending on where you live, you might already be planting your garden. If you don’t have seeds in the ground yet, you can still plan and daydream about your garden — or visit your local arboretum or botanical gardens to get into the green spirit.

Prepare a Summer Wardrobe

Now is the best time to begin sorting through your summer clothes and purchasing a few new pieces. Don’t forget to donate items you no longer want. It’s also the perfect time to restock your summer skin essentials, like sunscreen and aloe vera.

Start a New Rhythm

The sun is rising earlier, and you might find that your body is naturally waking earlier, too. Take advantage of this time and get into a rhythm that will benefit you for the next few months. Try taking your morning cuppa outside or starting a gratitude journaling or stretching practice with your newfound time.

Try a New Hobby

Looking for new ways to get active this season? Download our free resource “The Busy Person’s Guide to Recreation in Retirement” to get inspired. Here’s to making this spring the spring you meet a new friend or try a new opportunity!

Download The Busy Person's Guide to Recreation in Retirement

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