Mary Campbell Jenkins, Arbor’s executive vice president, was recently featured on, a webcast aimed at providing education and encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Host Natosha Reid Rice asked Mary Campbell about ways to care for seniors during this time.

“The first thing is to stop moving, to stay in our homes,” she said. “Our seniors are living downstream from our decisions. We need to think about that every time we go out of our homes.”

Mary Campbell shared tips on ways viewers could assist older adults: Offer to shop for groceries or to pick up medications at the pharmacy; help seniors plan what to do if they get sick or suspect they have COVID-19, or how to care for a spouse or other loved one who gets sick.

Mary Campbell noted that she lives next door to her elderly parents and how her family members are taking precautions.

“Before I visit each day, I take my temperature, I wash my hands, and I stay 10 feet away,” she said. “If I’m closer than 10 feet, I wear a mask. You can provide a lot of good care from 6 feet away.”

She also mentioned some creative ways families and friends are staying in touch with their loved ones at Arbor communities, given that visits are not allowed to help prevent the spread of the virus. At one community, a man serenaded his wife through her window, and at another community, a chamber orchestra played in the parking lot to send a message of cheer to residents.

Mary Campbell added: “The human spirit is fierce, and the power of love yields creativity.”

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Mary Campbell has been with The Arbor Company for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of roles. She is dedicated to promoting and teaching the Arbor Culture and helping the company uncover the most effective strategies for growth.COVID-19 Ebook

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