Top 6 Memory Games for Seniors

More research is showing that adults need to exercise their bodies and their minds in order to stay as healthy as possible. You can get your mind in shape by taking the time to work on your memory daily. Don’t worry; you don’t need to complete a difficult or time-consuming crossword puzzle in order to see the benefits of this. In fact, many memory games for seniors are fun to play and can even be another way to socialize with friends.

Here are a few of our favorite memory games for seniors, which you can add to your weekly routine.

Personalized Memory Games

Everyone remembers the old memory games, in which you flip over two cards at a time in order to see if you make a match. Turn this old favorite into a way to reminisce by ordering personalized photo memory games. These are easy to set out on your coffee table, and they are always a hit when you play with the grandkids. Order a few packs in order to make your game a bit more difficult. 

Online Chess

Playing chess is an excellent brain exercise and includes focusing on strategy as well as thinking one step ahead of your opponent. You can play at home with friends and a chessboard, but you can also play online. Choosing to play online allows you the option to socialize with friends or play the computer, meaning you don’t have to wait for an opponent to enjoy a game.


Part of the senior game community since 2007, Lumosity remains popular for a variety of reasons. You can download Lumosity as an app on your phone (iOS or Android), and its short games are designed to exercise different brain processes. The games are fun and graduate in difficulty so that they challenge you each time.

Download our new guide: Living Well with Dementia and learn how you are able to  live the life you love for as long as possible.


Whether or not you are great with words, Scrabble is an excellent brain game that is both fun and challenging. We love that Scrabble helps with creativity, word finding, and spelling. Even better, Scrabble is social and is meant to be more fun when played with friends. You can play in person with friends or play anytime with the Scrabble GO! app.


Looking for a new way to challenge your brain and memory? Learn a new language, or revisit a language in which you would like to improve your fluency. Make it as easy as possible by using an app for daily practice. Consider downloading Duolingo, in which you can set a daily time goal and earn electronic rewards for meeting them.

Tried-and-True Favorites

Memory games don’t have to be online or complicated in order to be effective. If you prefer paper and pencil, head to your local bookstore to grab a workbook of crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, word searches, or other brain games. While you are there, you can search for trivia cards or riddle books as well.

How to Choose a Game for You

If you are ready to commit to making memory games a part of your regular routine, make sure you choose options that are fun, accessible, and financially friendly. Be willing to try a few options before you find one that sticks, and be willing to try out games during different parts of your day. For example, you may find that you love doing a crossword puzzle with your morning coffee or that you prefer to wind down with online Scrabble after dinner.

If you are concerned about memory issues you are seeing in yourself or your loved one, make an appointment with a physician to talk about it. Early diagnosis and intervention can go a long way when it comes to dementia. Learn more about what to expect during the early stages of cognitive decline by downloading our free resource, “Living Well with Dementia.”

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