What an Active Independent Senior Living Community Really Looks Like

You’ve worked hard to build a retirement you love, so you deserve to live a life of passion and joy that allows you to fully live up to your potential. Retirement is a great time to pick up a hobby you were never able to find time for, master a new skill, or uncover a new part of your personality. Maybe that’s why most seniors say they want to continue living in their homes. Aging in place has become synonymous with remaining independent. But independent senior living offers greater independence than you think. It may be the perfect way to turn the retirement you have now into the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Independent Senior Living Might be Right for You

Today’s seniors have given much to their communities and world. From the civil rights activism of the baby boomers to the Greatest Generation’s sacrifices in World War II, seniors have played a direct role in shaping a better world.

Yet the world is still not set up for the needs of many seniors. Poor access to public transportation makes it difficult for seniors who no longer drive to remain active. Homes in need of updates or repairs can be money pits that eventually become virtually unusable. And the demands of child-rearing, higher education, and endless work make it difficult for children and grandchildren to help.

Consequently, many seniors struggle to keep up with housework, continue attending community events, and keep learning. Just 65 percent of seniors ages 65 to 70 and 43 percent of seniors ages 70 and over say it is “very easy” for them to keep living independently. The dreams of remaining at home simply fail to align with the challenging realities.

Independent senior living removes many of the challenges of daily life—driving, yardwork, house upkeep—and offers ready access to friendship, community events, and transportation.

Activities and Events to Expect

Senior living communities offer activities, events, and outings tailored to the desires of the community and the offerings of the larger geographic region. For instance, a senior living community in D.C. or Fairfax, Virginia, might have a community outing to the Smithsonian museums, while senior living communities in Atlanta might tour the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Every day has the potential to turn into an adventure or party. That’s because in a senior living community, your closest friends may live a few steps from your own door. Some of the many activities you might find at the best independent living communities include:

  • Classes and lectures on topics ranging from history to nutritious meal planning by community members who are experts in their fields.
  • Senior-friendly yoga and exercise groups.
  • Community celebrations, dances, and birthday parties.

You will also have access to chef-prepared meals, restaurant-quality dining, landscaping that resembles a botanical garden, and immediate repairs when something goes wrong in your home. There’s no more budgeting to fix the leaky refrigerator. Instead, head out to yoga and take in a meal while a community maintenance person fixes it for you.

Have questions about independent living? Download our Everything You Need to  Know About Independent Living guide.

At Arbor, we offer a wide range of continually evolving activities. Check out some of our recent offerings:

We also regularly host events for families and caregivers, such as our Dementia Caregivers Support Group.

The Benefits of Living in a Community

Moving to a senior living community makes it easier to stay mentally, physically, and socially active. This may help you live longer, stay healthy, fight dementia and cancer, and retain (or find) a sense of purpose. You deserve a long and great life. Independent senior living can help you achieve it.

Arbor has proudly served seniors and their families for 30 years. We offer numerous events and classes, support groups, ongoing education, and a close-knit community. We’d love to see you at one of our upcoming events. To learn more about what independent senior living can offer you, check out our free guide, Everything You Need to Know About Independent Senior Living.

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