Now that retirement is on the horizon, you might be wondering what your days will look like once you don’t have to worry about a daily commute or office hours. For many adults, retirement is a lifelong goal. But once it actually arrives, it can be difficult to cope with the transition. No matter if you are eagerly awaiting your last day at work or if you are approaching the milestone with some trepidation, we have inspiration that can help you make your retirement plans exciting and meaningful.

Navigating the Emotions That Come with Retirement

When anticipating and planning for retirement, no one really takes into account the emotions that can come with the transition. It is common for those approaching retirement as well as those who are retired to feel a mix of emotions ranging from anxiety to depression. In fact, newly retired professionals can be more vulnerable to depression because of the complexities that come with navigating a new phase in life.

The solution to decreasing the risk of the retirement blues? Staying engaged.

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Consider New Ways to Be Employed

Retirement means saying goodbye to a traditional 40-hour (or more) workweek, but it doesn’t have to mean leaving the workplace entirely. In fact, about 55 percent of workers plan to maintain some type of employment after retirement, with 41 percent of them eyeing part-time opportunities.

Working full-time, part-time, or even in an as-needed consulting role can help retirees have a sense of purpose while supplementing their income. Consider if this option is right for you and begin to look for opportunities that allow you flexibility as well as a low-stress work atmosphere.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Another way to lessen the retirement blues is to get engaged with a new hobby or return to a hobby you have always loved but never had the time to fully dive into. When you spend time working on a new hobby, you’ll find yourself learning new things and even finding new friends who share your interests.

Not sure what hobby to try out? Try a few! You can find workshops on anything from snowshoeing to genealogy research online or in-person through local organizations.

Get Moving

Though you can certainly start training for a half-marathon with all of your new free time, you don’t have to leap to such ambitious fitness goals in order to see results. Instead, try committing to a daily walk or hike, alone or with friends, as a part of your retirement plans.

Commit to New Learning

Have you always wanted to pursue an advanced degree or simply learn more about a specific topic? Retirement is the perfect time to do so. Not only do you have more time to audit a college course or pursue your studies, but you also can benefit from having something to look forward to, whether that is a class, certificate, or degree.

Open Up to Travel

Traveling more is a common retirement goal. If it is on your list to see more of the country or world, you are in good company. Enhance your travel experience by trying to journal throughout each of your trips or by planning your trips in advance, taking time to research new places to dine, shop, or experience on each journey.

Create Consistency

One of the reasons why retirement can feel like a difficult transition is the loss of a consistent routine. Without the daily routine of the same wake-up time and daily commute, retirees can feel a bit untethered. The good news is that you can create your own consistent routine any time you want to.

Try noting what time your body naturally wakes up and begin your routine at that time of day. Create a consistent morning and bedtime routine to establish those touchpoints in your day. You’ll notice yourself feeling more balanced.

More Inspiration

If you are looking for other ideas for enhancing your retirement, we have you covered. Download our free resource, The Busy Person’s Guide to Recreation in Retirement, to gain even more ideas to keep you engaged and healthy in this new phase of life.

We are cheering you on as you make your retirement exciting, engaging, and enjoyable!

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