It’s no wonder Florida is the country’s No. 1 retirement destination. Between the year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, beautiful views, and easy access to dining, shopping, and world-class medical care, older adults can rest assured that spending their retirement years in the Sunshine State is a wise decision. If Florida is on your radar for a retirement move, or if you already live there and are looking for options that suit your current and future needs, learning more about assisted living communities is an excellent first step.

Here’s everything you need to know about assisted living throughout the state of Florida.

What Is Assisted Living in Florida?

There are approximately 4.5 million adults over the age of 65 who call Florida home. Thanks to that large population, Florida senior living communities feature a variety of options and care solutions. Not all senior living communities are the same, which means you can surely find a community that suits your current and future needs.

Assisted living is a type of senior living option that caters to older adults who want luxury amenities and access to wellness resources in addition to having caregivers available around the clock. These caregivers, and the services they provide, are what really set assisted living apart from other senior living options such as independent living.

Assisted living communities throughout the state of Florida are all unique. However, their assisted living license through the state means they all have certain hallmarks of service, including:

  • Three meals served daily
  • Trained caregivers available and ready to assist residents around the clock
  • Events and social opportunities offered at least six days per week

However, exceptional assisted living communities offer many more perks, services, and amenities to residents, such as:

In addition to luxury amenities and resort-like spaces, assisted living in Florida also means peace of mind thanks to helpful caregivers. These professionals are available to offer assistance with daily tasks ranging from showering to dressing, and they are always ready to assist in case of an emergency. It is this additional assistance and peace of mind that residents find to be the most helpful as they make the transition to senior living.

What Are the Criteria for Assisted Living in Florida?

Seniors over the age of 65 are eligible to live in an assisted living community in the state of Florida. Residents who need assistance with at least one activity of daily living (ADL) are typically quite successful in an assisted living setting. ADLs include bathing, grooming, dressing, ambulation, using the toilet, eating, and transferring.

What Is the Cost of Assisted Living in Florida?

Assisted living communities are typically more budget-friendly than seniors or their family members might believe. However, each individual assisted living community sets its own pricing, typically in the form of a monthly fee that covers the resident’s apartment and services.

A recent cost of care national survey reported that assisted living communities in Florida cost an average of $3,500 per month. Fees range from the low end of $2,500 per month to the higher end of more than $5,500.

When you are researching assisted living options for yourself or your loved one, don’t forget to inquire about other ways to offset the monthly cost. For example, your long-term care insurance might pick up some of the costs. You might also be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which can decrease your monthly obligation as well.

Who Can Live in an Assisted Living Facility in Florida?

Seniors over the age of 65 are eligible to live in assisted living communities. Couples can live together in assisted living, and there are communities that offer different levels of care for couples with different needs. For example, if a husband needs dementia care services and a wife does not, they could find an assisted living community that offers both assisted living and dementia care services so they can visit one another and be a part of one another’s lives.

How to Find Assisted Living in Florida

If you are ready to begin exploring assisted living in Florida, you might initially begin to feel overwhelmed with your choices. However, you can empower yourself and feel confident about your decisions when you begin by narrowing down your choices.

First, choose an ideal location. This might be a city you currently live in or a town that is near family members or friends. Then, determine if the location is convenient for running errands and continuing to see your preferred physicians and if it is convenient for your family members who will be visiting.

Once you have a general location chosen, you can narrow your list further by seeking a community that offers assisted living services. Remember, not all senior living communities offer all types of senior living solutions. If you or your loved one has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, searching for an assisted living community that also has a specialized dementia care neighborhood is a wise decision for future needs.

Then, it is time to take your list of communities and begin to schedule tours. You can get a good sense of the care and opportunities within an assisted living community by experiencing them for yourself during a guided tour. During this time, you can ask specific questions about costs, family involvement, and care. In addition, you can make observations about the cleanliness of the community, how the staff interacts with residents, and if the residents seem happy and healthy, and you can observe dining experiences or activities in real-time.

After your initial tours, you will likely be able to narrow down your choices even further to a final few. Make your ultimate decision by taking additional tours or by attending activities or meals where you can get to know the staff and residents.

How Many Assisted Living Facilities Are in Florida?

The Florida Healthcare Association reports there are 3,080 licensed assisted living facilities in the state of Florida, which can make choosing one seem like an impossible feat. Remember to narrow down your choices wisely before you feel overwhelmed.

How Many Assisted Living Residents Are in Florida?

There are approximately 100,000 assisted living residents throughout the state of Florida.

Ready to begin your search for the assisted living community of your dreams in Florida? Our experts have gathered tips just for you as you start the process. Download our free resource Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community to learn more about what questions to ask and what observations to make as you move toward a confident decision.

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