Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The Arbor Company

In the summer of 2020, as renewed questions of racial justice gripped our country, we were compelled to take a deeper, longer, more honest look at ourselves and our company. For more than thirty years we have prided ourselves on our Arbor Company culture. But as we considered more closely the demographic data and the shared experience of all Arbor people, we found numerous opportunities to create a more just company, a place where all people feel valued and included.

We are proud of the work we do each day to care for seniors but we are honest about the racially imbalanced and often undervalued history of caregiving in this country. We can’t change history but we can change the future.

At The Arbor Company, we are committed to building a company where everyone can thrive. To do so, we must support racial equity through a focus on greater racial diversity within our leadership teams while adopting anti-racist practices to improve the work experience for all people. In light of our national history, we are particularly called to improve the opportunities and experience for Black people within our company and we are committed to building a work culture where all people feel seen, heard, and respected at all times.

Our Commitments

We have made five commitments to ourselves and each other. We will share and update our progress on this page.

  1. We will increase the racial diversity of community and corporate leaders with a focus on identifying Black leaders.
  2. We will create routine opportunities for people to provide feedback on their experience of work at The Arbor Company including any experiences or concerns with racism.
  3. We will create a learning environment which includes universal training for essential anti-racist skills as well as options for those who want to grow and learn about all aspects of race, racial identity, and racism.
  4. We will create opportunities for all staff to have regular one-on-one supportive conversations with leaders to reflect on their work and future goals.
  5. We will reflect routinely on our progress toward greater racial equity and inclusion and publish those progress reports for all Arbor people.

Progress to Date

choose-your-impact-squareWe convened a racial equity workgroup of community based leaders and senior leaders. This group met throughout the summer of 2020 to explore the realities and opportunities within The Arbor Company. The commitments above are an outgrowth of this work.

A workgroup of diverse leaders researched options for unconscious bias training over the summer and fall of 2020 and selected Eagle’s Flight, a company with outstanding diversity, equity, and inclusion training credentials.

We hosted our first ever all-company town halls in December 2020 to review our commitments to racial justice, equity, and inclusion. Approximately 100 people attended.

We were certified as a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row in December 2020 with 75% of Arbor people completing the survey about their work experience. We recognized meaningful disparities within the data based on race and employment status (hourly, salaried, full time, part time). Communities will continue to build and refine plans to learn more and address these questions.

In February 2021 we started a dedicated diversity group in our internal Workplace discussion and collaboration platform to provide a platform for increased conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We launched the Arbor Good Reads program in February 2021 with the first monthly focus on Black history. Interested Arbor people can request a free book from the month’s reading list.

Beginning in March 2021, unconscious bias training began to roll out for all Arbor people, facilitated either by our partners at Eagle’s Flight or our own community leaders who will received relevant facilitator training.

Later in 2021 we also introduced new tools for annual growth and development conversations to create a more engaged and meaningful experience for all Arbor people.

In 2022, we have been focused on continued conversations and sustaining the initiatives we put in place in 2021. We recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion must be ongoing topics of discussion, and we are constantly focused on keeping them at the forefront of our business discussions and decisions.