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Ft Myers, Community News Former Journalist and WWII Veteran Turns 104

Very few people get to be 104. But even fewer people get to have the life that Robert Giles Achorn has lived. Reading his resume and his accomplishments is almost like reading what three or four people get to do in a single lifetime.

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Ft Myers, Community News World War II Veterans Celebrate 74 Years of Marriage

George and Alfreda Barabaree both served the United States in World War II and years later their love for their country formed a strong bond that led to a marriage lasting 74 years.

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Ft Myers, Community News Birthday Cake for Ray and Thelma

It’s time to wish the best of birthdays to Barrington Terrace of Ft. Myers residents Raymond ‘Ray’ Drumm and Thelma Sweeting, and thank them for their family’s service.

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