8 Amazing Things About Living in Palm-Aire

Living in Palm-Aire, Florida, means cool beach breezes, year-round warmth, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, artistic endeavors, and new friendships. With stunning homes, low crime, and exceptional schools, Broward County may be more than a retirement spot. It may also entice your loved ones to move. Here’s why Palm-Aire may offer your ideal retirement.

The Perfect Climate

As you get older, the winter can become harder to tolerate, especially if you have joint pain or arthritis. If you love the outdoors, you might want to spend as much of each year as possible outside. Palm-Aire offers year-round warmth so that you can tend a garden, spend time on the water, or go hiking with the grandkids. Breezes from the water keep things reasonably cool, so you don’t have to deal with the blazing heat you might get further inland.

Luxurious Affordability

You’ve worked hard your entire life. You deserve an exceptional retirement. That doesn’t mean you can afford to spend an arm and a leg on the sort of life you deserve. Palm-Aire remains affordable, especially when compared to other beach communities. Senior living in Palm-Aire may even save you money. Check out our cost calculator to compare the costs of a senior living community to those of staying at home.


Palm-Aire is a small, close-knit community where people care about each other. Crime is almost nonexistent, and neighbors check in on one another. If you’re worried about safety as you age, rest assured that the members of your community will invest in you and your well-being. And if you have a serious medical condition such as dementia, the right senior living community may help you lead a life of luxury with safety and support.

Have questions about independent living? Download our Everything You Need to  Know About Independent Living guide.

Quiet Convenience

One of the perennial challenges of retirement is finding a place that is quiet enough to be restful, but still active enough for you to have plenty to do. Palm-Aire has found the sweet spot between these two extremes. Located near Fort Lauderdale and other major cities, it offers virtually endless dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. Yet you still get to return home to your quiet, low-traffic community after a day of adventure.

Beach Views

If you spent your working years counting down the days to your next beach vacation, why not make your life a permanent vacation? Palm-Aire features incredible beach views. Spend your days sunbathing, reading a good book near the water, swimming, or mastering water sports such as Jet Skiing.

Plenty to Do

Even if you don’t anticipate spending all of your time at the beach, Palm-Aire still offers plenty of recreation. Head to Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park for an easy adrenaline rush. Then calm down and cool off at Soleil Spa or head to Palm Aire Country Club for a game of golf and a bite to eat.

Need more ideas for how to spend your retirement? Check out our free guide, “The Busy Person’s Guide to Recreation in Retirement.” The right senior living community can also serve as a gateway to a better, more fulfilling retirement. Enjoy live music, gourmet meals (without all the preparation and mess), exercise classes, excursions to the beach, community celebrations, and much more. And no matter what you’re interested in, you can bring it with you to senior living by suggesting a class or even volunteering to teach your own.

A Place Your Family Will Love

Let’s be honest: Most seniors worry about how often they’ll see their loved ones after retirement, especially if they move to a new area. Palm-Aire is the perfect vacation destination, which just may entice your loved ones to visit more. If you’re really lucky, Palm-Aire’s great schools, low crime, and safe neighborhoods may convince your family to move with you. A luxury senior living community offers your family plenty of activities for when they come to see you, whether they make the move to Palm-Aire or not. So when planning your final retirement destination, consider how you and your family would like to spend your time.

Retirement Options

As more seniors move to Florida’s stunning cities, these cities respond by building up their senior-friendly infrastructure. Palm-Aire is no exception. Broward County offers seniors a rich tapestry of support services, including a communal meal program, Meals on Wheels, caregiver support, housekeeping assistance, transportation, and a help line. Palm-Aire also boasts numerous exceptional senior living communities, including The Preserve at Palm-Aire. Stop by so we can show you what luxury living in retirement really looks like.

Living in Palm-Aire offers a little bit of everything: live indoor music, a vibrant art scene, perfect weather, a chance to make new friends, and so much more. The right senior living community can help you bridge the gap between the retirement you have and the retirement you want, helping you enjoy all that Palm-Aire has to offer. For more tips on thriving in retirement and finding fun activities, subscribe to our blog.

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