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Arbor Terrace Citrus Park stands as a beacon for those seeking an independent yet vibrant retirement lifestyle. This community is designed not just to meet the basic needs of its residents but to enrich their lives with a host of activities and amenities to promote physical health, cognitive function, and social engagement.

Residents can challenge their minds with strategic card games, maintain their fitness through various classes, or enjoy the tranquility of gardening in our club. Each activity is more than just a pastime—it’s a bridge to building friendships and enhancing life satisfaction.

Engaging regularly in these community activities helps residents maintain their cognitive sharpness and physical well-being, which are crucial aspects of senior health. The daily social interactions within these settings are also vital for fostering a sense of belonging and happiness, contributing significantly to our overall quality of life as we age.


Our residents also enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle that allows them to focus on what they love, ensuring every day is fulfilling and fun. For those looking for a community that supports an active, engaging, and carefree retirement, Arbor Terrace is truly an excellent choice!

To learn more about our community or to schedule a visit, please contact us. Discover how you can join our lively community and start your best chapter yet.

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Through a commitment to developing an outstanding and tenured staff, The Arbor Company maintains a progressive clinical and competitive edge that embraces both resident and family needs.

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