Arbor Terrace Citrus Park is one of two Arbor communities to pilot a cutting-edge memory care application. Ella, a digital caregiver assistant, provides additional care options for those with dementia or other cognitive conditions.

Ella comes with a full library of training materials for memory caregivers, as well as a database that can recognize and provide responses for over 60 different dementia-related behaviors. These behaviors can include common challenges or natural responses to environmental stressors or misunderstandings. 

The program is made more intuitive by providing families with a unique link to input important medical history, so Ella’s recommendations can be tailored specifically to the resident. 

Staff will use Ella as a memory care resource during the pilot period in order to determine the effectiveness of reducing the need for medical intervention, and the frequency or severity of dementia-related behaviors over time. This program is just one of many ways our memory care staff deliver compassionate, personalized care at Arbor Terrace. 

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