4 Things to Look for When Searching for Assisted Living in Lanham

People often choose to retire to Washington, D.C. suburban communities such as Lanham, Maryland, because of their unparalleled access to the arts, museums, historic landmarks, and outdoor attractions. The first step in enjoying all those activities, however, is finding the right senior living option for you. 

Assisted living in Lanham is the senior living option that will provide the most flexibility to meet residents’ care needs while promoting independence, privacy, and socialization at the same time. These communities feature a range of amenities, programs, and perks. And that can make beginning the search for assisted living in Lanham feel a little overwhelming.

First, define your needs and priorities. That’ll guide your search for an assisted living community so you can start enjoying popular Lanham landmarks such as Prince George’s Little Theatre or Glenn Dale Golf Club.

1. Look for Flexible, Affordable Assisted Living in Lanham

The most common questions about assisted living in Lanham are related to cost. After all, residents need to know they’ll be able to affordably meet their current and future care needs.

Looking for assisted living communities that tailor care plans to meet the specific needs of residents is a key to finding an affordable, long-term solution. Start out by determining what level of care you’ll need—anything from from minimal assistance with activities of daily living to more comprehensive care. Also, assisted living communities usually offer multiple room layouts to accommodate residents at different price points, which brings another layer of financial flexibility.

After costs are determined based on your individual care needs, assisted living communities such as Arbor Terrace Senior Living provide senior care coordinators who are valuable financial planning resources. Senior care coordinators can identify funding sources or assistance that might be available to you, and help you put a long-term plan in place to meet your assisted living needs.

The right assisted living community has to have the flexibility and affordability to meet your long-term care needs. Look to a senior care coordinator to help put the financial puzzle pieces together with you.

2. Look for Assisted Living in Lanham that Focuses on Healthy Aging

Assisted living communities shouldn’t merely strive to meet residents’ current care needs. Rather, their goals should be to help residents remain healthy, active, and independent long into the future.

Healthy aging and wellness can be accomplished through partnerships between assisted living communities, local hospitals, and universities. These partnerships enable communities such as Arbor Terrace Senior Living to feature wellness centers with programs that reflect the latest scientific breakthroughs in senior wellness, exercise, and rehabilitation programs.

Look for assisted living in Lanham that provides age- and ability-appropriate rehabilitation and exercise opportunities to all residents. Additionally, on-site occupational and speech therapy help residents remain independent and identify any early signs of memory loss.

3. Look for Assisted Living in Lanham that Offers Memory Care 

Memory care has shown great promise in being able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in addition to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and their family caregivers.

In addition to providing 24-hour supervision and secure environments, memory care uses techniques and exercises including specific memory training, problem-solving exercises, multisensory stimulation, word games and puzzles, socialization, and the use of memory aids like notebooks and computers to enhance the cognitive performance and overall mood of residents while reducing behavioral disturbances.

Assisted living communities in Lanham that offer memory care will provide safety and stability for all residents—regardless of what the future holds. Additionally, communities that feature dementia-friendly designs promote the independence of residents and reduce falls. And looking for communities that have cognitive care training programs for all staff members provides a higher level of care and might be able to identify the early warning signs of dementia sooner.

4. Look for Assisted Living in Lanham that Fosters Social Engagement

Regular socialization has been linked to reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, heart problems, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even some forms of cancer. The reason? Relationships are mentally stimulating and encourage us to engage in healthier, more active lifestyles.  

Because socialization is a key to healthy aging, look for assisted living in Lanham that encourages strong social bonds among residents in numerous ways:

  • Planned Activities: Planned social activities and community events are fun and help build strong relationships among residents that pay big health dividends down the road.

  • Amenities: Community living rooms, attractive dining rooms, and other community areas help encourage social interaction and build a sense of “home” in assisted living communities.

  • Community Outings: Day trips to local Lanham attractions such as NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center and Greenbelt Park help seniors remain connected and engaged within the larger community.

Looking at what types of social activities are planned, what opportunities residents have to engage with each other and the larger community, and even the design and amenities offered by a community can provide great insight into whether or not it encourages social engagement.

Beginning Your Search: Assisted Living in Lanham

The search for assisted living in Lanham will be made easier by allowing your personal needs and preferences to guide the way. The right option must be flexible enough to meet your individual needs, and affordable enough to provide long-term financial stability. Assisted living communities that incorporate the latest breakthroughs on health in aging and memory care into wellness centers and programming will help residents remain active and independent for longer. Finally, assisted living communities in Lanham that encourage socialization among residents and connectedness with the larger community promote wellness

Jennifer Fenton

About the Author: Jennifer Fenton

Jennifer’s professional experience in senior care spans 20 years but her drive to serve seniors started when she was 5 volunteering at the local nursing home. After graduating from University of Maryland with a degree in Family Studies and Gerontology she began helping families through the transitioning to a community lifestyle. She has spent time as a Senior Care Counselor, Senior Living Advisor, Admissions Director and the Director of Community Relations in skilled nursing facilities and assisted livings. She is a Certified Senior Advisor and during her free time she enjoys volunteering with her daughter and her Pets on Wheels dog, Clementine.

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