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Each week the residents at Arbor Terrace Roseland are delighted by a Wednesday sing-along activity with a special snack. This mid-week pick-me-up has become as legendary in the community as this week’s featured musical icon, Elvis Presley, “the King.”

A music playlist is used to highlight a popular singer during the residents’ heyday and evoke fond memories. Regarded as one of the most significant American entertainers of the 20th Century, Presley and his medley of chart-topping songs is an especially big hit among participants. A dining staff member who doubled as a costumed Elvis look-alike, served  up delicious peanut butter and banana sandwiches from a rolling cart, along with popular tunes.

“The sing-along songs always raise spirits within the community, but Elvis Week seemed to make male and female residents alike want to get out of their seats and do a little dance. It was great seeing so many residents socially distanced, yet active and engaged,” said Deborah Edwards, Engagement director.


Residents Karin Paige, Barbara Nesto, Helen Peepas and Fifi Denoual all left nothing to chance when taking a moment to steal a dance with “Elvis” and dust off their dancing shoes. Many others exclaimed what a great time they had during the sing-along.

Nesto even took the time, as she danced, to put her bid in for the next sing-along artist. 

“Elvis was great, now bring us Dean Martin,” she said with a twirl.



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