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15 Resources for Senior Citizens of Teaneck NJ

Teaneck, NJ, is a great place to retire. Ranked among the best places to live in New Jersey, this beautiful suburb of New York boasts a responsive government, an engaged community, and plenty of enticing entertainment and support options for seniors of all ages and ability levels.

Here are some great support services to lean on as you settle into retirement.

Entertainment and Transportation

To stay active for the entirety of your retirement, check out these great options:

  • The Teaneck Senior Services Center offers seasonal programming, special events, and more. Enjoy ballroom dancing, tai chi, pilates, and lots of other options for remaining physically active.
  • Teaneck Senior Services offers transportation to some of its events. If you need transportation to a medical appointment, the Department of Recreation can help. The department offers transportation via a van or bus five days a week. Contact the department for more details.
  • Teaneck is home to several well-maintained parks that include covered eating areas, tennis courts, and more. You can even reserve a park for an event or party.
  • If you love eating locally grown food, connecting to your community, and dining on freshly grown produce, check out the Teaneck Farmers’ Market.
  • Love sports but hate the high prices and large crowds of big sporting events? Invest in the local team instead. Attend a high school sporting event. 

Caregiver Support

Many seniors provide care to ailing loved ones, including spouses with dementia. Others receive care from family members. Whether you’re a senior care provider or a family caregiver supporting a senior, these support options can help lighten the load:

Legal and Financial Concerns

Protecting your money can help you preserve your independence. Planning for the future can offer peace of mind today. And thinking about your healthcare goals should your needs change can ensure you retain control. These resources can help you plan for your legal and financial future:

Healthcare and Senior Living

As you age, navigating the healthcare system can prove challenging. Finding the right senior living and healthcare resources can feel exhausting, taking time away from all the things you’d rather be doing. These options can help:

Arbor Terrace of Teaneck offers a continuum of senior care, including independent living geared toward seniors who crave more vibrant and active lifestyles. No matter what you need or how aging affects your family, we’re here to help. Give us a call to talk to one of our senior care counselors about your options. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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Elizabeth Andropoli

About the Author: Elizabeth Andropoli

“Liz” has been a senior-living professional for more than fifteen years, she entered the industry following a six-year background of experience in health care. She has been Executive Director at Arbor Terrace since 2012. Liz lives in Teaneck with her three children who have obviously inherited her passion for servicing those advanced in age as her two eldest are also employed in the senior-living industry – her youngest, still in school, is interested in computers and finance. Liz has eclectic tastes in leisure activities: while she enjoys parasailing, zip lining and riding motorcycles, her favorite vacation is her annual summertime stay, with her family, at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.