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Health & Safety Dealing with Holiday Stress

The holiday season is stressful enough with the planning, travel, cooking, and spending that can be difficult to avoid this time of year. This season is even more stressful due to the complexities of Covid-19. Many families are searching for ways to celebrate and honor traditions, but doing so in a safe way requires even more planning and decision making.

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Community News, Exton Local Blogs Finding Furever Homes for Local Pets Seeking Adoption

With the ongoing pandemic, more and more individuals are seeking pets for companionship. Dog owners can gain additional health benefits such as emotional support and daily exercise from their furry family members, who often have distinctive personalities.  

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Senior Living LIVE Stress Less, Savor More & Feel Better

The year 2020 has been anything but easy. But stressing over current events is damaging to our health. We focus on how to reverse these negative effects in our webinar, Senior Living LIVE! Stress Less, Savor More and Feel Better.

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Senior living, Community News, Exton Local Blogs Relationships and Deep Connections are Our Thing

The times in which we are living have made self-isolation and distancing commonplace. As a result, perspectives and priorities have shifted, and nurturing personal relationships have become paramount for many of us. Having deep connections means even more to our senior community. Meaningful connections are our thing.

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Senior Living LIVE, Exton Local Blogs Behind the Scenes: Arbor Terrace Exton

Our upcoming Senior Living LIVE is taking a bit of a new direction--giving you a behind-the-scenes look of what goes into creating a senior living community. Host Melissa Lee, sits down with Shannon from Meyer Design to walk through the process behind building a community from the blueprint to a beautiful new home. 

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