Weighing the pros and cons of moving out of your home and into a senior living community is a major decision and one that takes time and consideration. When making  this decision, it is important to consider the senior living option that works best for you, which includes comparing a senior community to aging in place  at home. 

Many times, seniors want to believe staying in their own home is the best option, but often they do not examine all aspects of aging in place, such as the cost of in-home care and the toll that a  lack of socialization can take on their overall health.

Brandt Ross, senior living transition expert, joins us again to share first-hand experiences of the benefits of transitioning into a senior living community vs. aging in place at home. After happily making the transition to senior living with his wife Ginny, he now teaches senior courses encouraging others to make the move before it’s too late.

In this webinar, hosted by Melissa Lee, you will learn about:

  • Brandt’s “four hazards of aging in place”
  • The differences between senior living options
  • The important things to consider when planning for the future
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