It’s frightening to care for someone you don’t understand. When you don’t know how your loved one with dementia experiences the world, it’s even more challenging to provide the care he or she needs.

That’s why we are pleased to offer Senior Living LIVE! Dementia Live®, a high-impact, dementia simulation experience that immerses participants into life with dementia, provided by AGE-u-cate Training Institute.

Susan Robbins, Regional Director of Dementia Training for The Arbor Company helps us understand what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment, helping reduce caregiver stress. This is an important educational experience for you and your loved one along the journey through memory loss.

To fully participate in our immersive virtual experience, you will need the following items:

  • Sunglasses
  • Pair of gloves
  • Glass of water, tea, or other beverage
  • Wallet or purse (with a wallet inside)
  • Pad of paper, pen and paper clips
  • Sticky notes 
  • Cell phone
  • Magazine

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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