Life-altering events should be a motivator for adults to update their estate planning documents. But, time often gets in the way of good intentions and critical revisions are never made. If you or someone you know is planning a move to senior living or recently had a life-altering event, now is the time to reevaluate your estate documents.

Certified elder law attorney, Miles Hurley, JD will discuss The Five D’s: Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, Dependents, and Displacement and their impact on your estate planning and surrogate decision making. Learn what triggers should prompt a thorough review of your plan as well as the potential pitfalls facing those who procrastinate.

Join us with host Melissa Lee, as we learn more about updating estate planning documents, including:

  • Life events that warrant an update
  • Revisions that should be considered
  • The repercussions of not updating  estate documents

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