At The Arbor Company, we believe that knowledge is truly power when it comes to helping families and their loved ones make the transition into assisted living.

Suppose you are the primary caregiver for a loved one with dementia. In that case, there are countless questions that arise, including: “when is it the right time to consider additional help from an established assisted living community and how do I help them make the transition as positively as possible?” In our webinar, Nancy Kriseman, licensed clinical social worker and author, takes the time to dive into this critical question surrounding assisted living, as well as how to make the transition with ease and become a solid partner in your loved one’s care.

Join us with host Nancy Kriseman as we learn more about helping loved ones positively transition into assisted living:

  • Essential reasons to move a loved one into an assisted living community (safety, social interaction, well-being)
  • Realistic Expectations for Adult Children
  • What to share and not share with someone who has dementia
  • How to help your loved one transition as positively as possible into an assisted living community
  • How to best partner with the staff in the community

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