Living well with dementia can look different for everyone. At The Arbor Company, our mission and passion is to provide educational opportunities so that those living with dementia and their families can navigate this chapter with confidence and peace of mind. 

For those facing uncertainty on the road ahead, our webinar takes a closer look at how we can support and partner in care for loved ones living with dementia by transforming our mindset, behaviors and creating opportunities for success. Melora Jackson, MS, CDP, DCCS , Director of Clinical Services at Second Wind Dreams, educated attendees on this topic as well as provided a live Q&A session.

This webinar covered: 

  • The importance of person-centered and directed empathic care for individuals with dementia.
  • How to help loved ones navigate the challenges of dementia by changing our behaviors.
  • Activities that stimulate and maintain cognitive health for those with dementia.

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