When it comes to mental wellness, our compassionate team At The Arbor Company works to ensure every voice is heard and understood. According to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 90% of older adults have experienced a traumatic event in their lifetime. Adversity of this kind can greatly impact the caregiving dynamic of families, especially as children transform into the role of providing care for an aging loved one. How can we recognize the signs and approach those we care about without making a situation worse?

In this webinar, we were joined by Jean Hartnett, a visionary healthcare leader with over 25 years of executive experience serving the older adult population. Jean shared the importance of trauma-informed care and how to implement an empathetic approach to trauma.

Join us with host Jean Hartnett as we learn more about mental wellness in aging, including:

  • Discovering the common types of childhood adversity and the prevalence of trauma in our society.
  • Learning how a history of trauma impacts a person's mental and physical health.
  • How to implement a trauma-informed approach.
  • Receiving resources to learn more about how to deepen knowledge on the topic of trauma.

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