Though many think of it as something for the younger generations, life in the digital world applies to us all—maintaining personal and financial information on the internet has become routine for people of all ages. And contrary to their reputation of being ignorant towards technology, Baby Boomers are quite active in the digital world.

Given that more than half of American adults don't have a will, even more don't have a plan for their digital estate (pictures, bank accounts, crypto, email, recipe collections, writings).  Unless you live completely off the grid, it’s likely your digital life will outlive you and become a part of your legacy.  

Rachel Donnelly is the Founder and CEO of Black Dress Consultants, a firm specializing in legacy planning and after loss consulting. In this webinar, she outlines exactly what makes up one’s digital estate, details the many reasons why it’s important, and reviews the specific ways you can organize and protect your digital estate.

Join us as we explore the many benefits of digital estate organization, including:

  • Preserving memories by safeguarding digital photos and videos
  • Protecting one’s identity now and after death
  • Providing guidance and direction of what to do with your online presence
  • Preventing life insurance policies, investments and cash from being unclaimed, forgotten and/or lost

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