There are a lot of misconceptions to overcome when talking to your parents about making the move to senior living. Though we see the amenities and services that come with senior living as significant assets, and may love to have access to them for ourselves, that's only sometimes how our parents see it. For them, these could be indicators of their shortcomings or signify a loss of their old way of life—even though a move to senior living can help them thrive. 

The conversation should begin with recognizing all that your parents have done and all that they have left to accomplish. After all, who they are doesn’t change, even if their address does. In this webinar, Wanda Moen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for The Arbor Company, shares tips to help you work through the process with their input so they can take advantage of the lifestyle, friendships, and fun that senior living has to offer.

Join us as we learn more about guiding our parents through a senior living move, including:

  • How to start the senior living conversation with a loved one
  • Ways to address misconceptions about senior living
  • Responses to  common arguments against senior living
  • How to work through the stages of loss that need to be processed
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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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