Embracing and preparing for our best years of retirement is essential to aging positively. At The Arbor Company, our top priority is to help seniors and their families do exactly that, and one key facet is understanding how our attitudes towards aging profoundly impact our happiness. 

Join us for a pivotal webinar featuring Diane Lang, an esteemed positive psychology educator and coach, who is celebrated for her insightful perspectives on life and wellness as we age. Diane will guide us through a thought-provoking exploration of how life expectancy has greatly improved over recent decades as well as the critical role our beliefs about aging play in shaping our overall health and happiness.

Join us as we learn more about positive aging, including: 

  • Ways to thrive at any age and gain perspective on the aging process
  • The truths and myths of aging
  • Cultivate a positive approach to our future years and see the new possibilities that this stage of life can bring

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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