Transitioning into a senior living community can feel overwhelming. To help seniors and their families overcome the biggest obstacle to moving— the house and all its belongings—we break it down into manageable steps that make sense and provide relief for everyone involved.

Joanne Rancich, RE/Max agent with Presto Real Estate Services, has made it her mission to assist as many seniors as possible, helping  them downsize and prepare their houses for sale, move to safe new homes, and then list and sell them as quickly as possible.

In this webinar, we will learn how to downsize, sell your home quickly, and overcome common obstacles. Join Joanne and  host Melissa Lee, as we learn:

  • Obstacles and solutions
  • A roadmap to a quick sale
  • How to generate the best value for your home

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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