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Caregiver Training University: What You Need to Know

Dec 30, 2020 2:47:00 PM / Guest Author Guest Author

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At Arbor, we are dedicated to ensuring the residents we serve always receive the highest quality of care. This begins with developing our team members and giving them the tools they need to do their job well. We believe in educating our staff so they are empowered to make critical decisions and strive for positive interactions with our residents every time.

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Our caregivers are the foundation of the care we provide to residents. These professionals need the right training in order to have the skills to develop meaningful connections with residents and to give personalized care based on the preferences and history of the resident they are serving. 


Family members may also find themselves in a caregiving role as their loved ones begin to age. Unfortunately, family members rarely have the necessary background in senior wellness and can struggle to find ways to connect with their loved ones or to provide the right amount of assistance. Fortunately, Caregiver Training University provides excellent instruction for professional or family caregivers.

Caregiver Training University assists caregivers in their efforts to become certified as professionals by learning the caregiving skills outlined by their state's requirements for licensed senior care services.

Caregivers may take the course at their own pace, receiving a certificate and having their name added to the caregiver training registry upon finishing the exam with a passing score. Each state requires annual caregiver renewal training for caregivers to maintain their certification as a professional caregiver.

Skills learned include: communication with a senior by generation, safe transfers, infection control, environmental safety, emergency plan, care plan notes, HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements, elder abuse and neglect identification, and age-related disease care including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and more. Caregivers may purchase caregiver training along with a T-shirt and lapel pin to become a member of the Professional Association of Caregivers and join a community of caregivers.

You can further your education in dementia caregiving specifically by downloading our free resource, “The Caregiver’s Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care.” You’ll discover what to do if your loved one is diagnosed with cognitive decline.

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