Exceptional care and service at The Arbor Company begins with hiring and training the right team members. We are fortunate to employ some of the best caregivers in our communities, each with their own talents, skills, and experience. For our caregivers, Caregiver Training University is a forum where they can learn new skills, brush up on old ones, and further empower themselves to be the best caregivers they can be.
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Caregiver Training University gives more than just information about common senior health conditions or basic steps for providing personal care. It also gives caregivers the confidence to make critical decisions and create positive interactions with our residents every time. Not only do we use Caregiver Training University to train our team members, but we also recommend it for family members who are suddenly thrust into a family caregiver role.

Caregiver Training University for Family Caregivers

Caregiver Training University is versatile because it provides outstanding information and training for both professional caregivers, like the team at any Arbor community, and family caregivers. Each caregiver serves a senior in a unique capacity, and having the right training goes a long way toward ensuring the senior gets the assistance they need while still maximizing their independence.

Many times, family members lack the necessary background in senior wellness and can struggle to find ways to connect with their loved ones or to provide the right amount of assistance. Caregiver Training University gives family members the tools they need to not only advocate for their loved one but also care for them well and create meaningful moments when they are together.

Caregiver Training University for Professional Caregivers

For professional caregivers, the curriculum at Caregiver Training University helps to meet state requirements and certifications. Caregivers learn new skills and how to apply them to adults living with different medical conditions, including cognitive decline. After going through the curriculum, caregivers can feel confident in their ability to make in-the-moment decisions that put the needs of the senior at the forefront.

Each caregiver may take the course at their own pace. They will receive a certificate and have their name added to the caregiver training registry upon finishing the exam with a passing score. Each state requires annual caregiver renewal training for caregivers to maintain their certification as a professional caregiver. Caregiver Training University keeps Arbor caregivers on track and complements a robust continuing education program.

Additional Training for Arbor Caregivers

Speaking of robust, Arbor Company caregivers receive training on skills such as: 

  • Communication with seniors of different generations
  • Safe transfers
  • Infection control
  • Environmental safety
  • Emergency planning
  • Care plan note-taking
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements
  • Elder abuse and neglect identification
  • Age-related disease care including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and more

Caregivers may purchase caregiver training along with a T-shirt and lapel pin to become a member of the Professional Association of Caregivers and join a community of caregivers.

Additional Training for Family Caregivers

If you’re a family caregiver, the right educational curriculum can help you feel empowered instead of overwhelmed with your new role. Start by watching our webinar, Senior Living LIVE! Care for the Caregiver. You’ll learn from our experts as we walk through how you can care for yourself so that you stay healthy and energized as you care for others.

This post was updated in September 2022.

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