The mission of our dining program at The Arbor Company is to present meals that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palette, nourishing to the body and spirit, and meant to be enjoyed among friends and neighbors. Every part of the dining experience is planned to drive that mission.

“At our Arbor communities, we really focus our dining program on restaurant-style experience,” explains VP of Dining, Dave Tayse. Everything from the service, cleanliness, fresh local ingredients, plating and more all contribute to the overall experience for the residents. 

When dining at an Arbor community, you can expect more than just food. In addition to engaging mealtimes, our communities create an experience around dining that goes above and beyond, including: 

  • Incorporating superfoods and ingredients into menus in order to add exciting flavors and nutrition.
  • Culinary tours and themed meals to stimulate residents' minds and palettes.
  • Action stations and interactive meals to elevate the dining experience.
  • Cooking classes that provide engagement, encourage socialization and create new skills and interests. 

Just as meals serve as times to connect people together, our dining program seeks interconnection far past the dining room. By working closely with our community engagement teams, we can optimize the time our residents spend around the dining table. In addition, we partner with local bakeries, seafood vendors, meat suppliers and dairy farms to ensure we’re giving back to the local communities, supporting their businesses, and contributing to the local economy. 

Partnering with the community also ensures the freshest flavors and ingredients, which is vital for our residents’ happiness and health. As a very health-forward company, it is important that we are creating menus that suit every palette, regardless of dietary restrictions or modifications. No matter what diet needs our residents have, meals are still chef-prepared. Says Tayse, “the love and effort that we put into all of our plates of food still shows up in whatever that texture restriction is.” 

Learn more about the dining program at The Arbor Company in the video below. And when you’re ready to visit an Arbor community, find the one nearest you.


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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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