Blog%20%23418Cooler temperatures, crisp breezes, and colorful scenery are the hallmarks of autumn throughout much of the country. Even better, seniors can safely enjoy much of what fall has to offer thanks to the plethora of outdoor activities readily available in most cities and towns.

If you are searching for a good excuse to get out of the house, consider adding any of these ideas to your must-do list for this autumn.

Find a Local Farm

Autumn is harvest season across America, which means it is easy to find local farms to explore and support. Whether you purchase flowers from your town’s farmers market or learn how apple cider is made by watching it happen at your local orchard, you are supporting local farmers while enjoying the great outdoors safely.

Start a Walking Challenge

The more comfortable fall temperatures mean it is even safer to lace up your tennis shoes and get outside for a walk. Make things more interesting and increase your motivation to get out every day by creating your own personalized walking challenge. You can set a goal to walk a certain number of miles by the end of the month and mark your progress along a map.

Try Outdoor Cooking

When was the last time you cooked over a campfire? If you have access to a firepit in your backyard, autumn can be the season when you try out some new delicious recipes. Invite the grandkids over for s’mores to start, but spice things up by creating your own concoctions with peanut butter, Nutella, pizzelle, and other additions.

You can also use your outdoor firepit to try your hand at cooking with a Dutch oven. There are plenty of recipes to try, and you can always order takeout if one of your experiments fail.

Set Up a Comfortable Reading Nook

Looking to take your reading game outdoors? It’s the perfect activity for the fall season, and it can feel quite cozy to settle in with a favorite novel or thriller during the crisp afternoon or evening.

Exercise your creative side by styling a designated area of your yard for reading. To start, you can choose a favorite comfortable chair. Then, add a cozy blanket and autumn-inspired candle. If you are feeling fancy, add an outdoor rug to complete the look.

Meditate Each Morning

Taking time to meditate each morning can be a positive addition to your morning routine. Take your cup of coffee or tea outside to a favorite spot in your yard and settle in for some quiet time with yourself. If you need help getting started, try the Headspace app. Or, just take the quiet time to breathe, listen to sounds of nature, and list things you are thankful for. It won’t take you long to genuinely look forward to this part of your day.

Plant Your Fall Garden

Depending on where you are located in the country, fall could be the perfect time to update your garden. Consider spending some time cleaning out your summer garden and planting bulbs for the fall, or go ahead and plant items for your fall garden. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll love getting your hands in the dirt one more time before winter weather sets in.

The changing seasons give everyone the opportunity to try a new hobby or revisit a favorite seasonal tradition. If you are looking for more inspiration to keep you engaged this fall, download our free resource, “The Busy Person’s Guide to Retirement.”

Here’s to a safe and happy fall!

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