Searching for long-term senior care options that are ideal for your current situation and future needs is a serious task. Fortunately, the senior living industry offers many options to accommodate seniors of every ability. Unfortunately, this array of choices can be overwhelming to someone just starting his or her search.

In Georgia, there are multiple alternatives for seniors looking for residential care. In fact, Georgia offers a specific type of residential care that not all states do: personal care homes. It can be easy to assume that personal care homes and assisted living in Georgia are synonymous; however, a closer look will reveal the differences—and benefits—that are unique to each.

Assisted Living in Georgia

Assisted living communities in Georgia, like in other states, is a long-term care option for many seniors. In an assisted living setting, seniors live in apartments that are often outfitted with small kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. While each apartment layout varies from community to community, these living spaces encourage independence and dignity while keeping caregivers and neighbors nearby.

Most assisted living communities feature more than just cozy apartments. Amenities can range from weekly housekeeping to transportation services, as well as three meals per day prepared with individual health recommendations in mind. Assisted living communities also feature an activity calendar chock-full of opportunities for residents to connect, learn, and socialize.

The health care options in an assisted living setting are somewhat extensive. While federal and state licensure does not allow care for certain medically complex conditions in assisted living, the caregivers and nursing team in in these communities can care for residents who require assistance with getting around, activities of daily living, medication management, and even catheter care.

Assisted living communities focus on keeping seniors “in place” as they age, minimizing the chance of multiple moves to different facilities during the senior years.

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Personal Care in Georgia

Assisted living isn’t the only option for seniors in Georgia. Personal care homes are also an excellent alternative for seniors who need a bit of assistance or no longer want to be lonely living at home. These homes are built as a community for seniors who may not want to live in an independent living community, but who are seeking socialization and extra care.

Most personal care communities offer features similar to those of assisted living communities; in fact, some even offer similar apartment layouts. Meals are served to residents and prepared with care, and neighbors are nearby for a friendly chat or to attend a community activity with.

Caregivers are readily available in order to assist residents with getting around, activities of daily living, and medication management. However, due to state and federal regulations, community staff members are not allowed to take care of certain situations in a personal care setting, including catheter care, extensive transfer, and ambulation assistance. In some situations, families can choose to hire additional private care staff in order to assist with these extra duties. Check with your personal care home contact in order to determine what the policy is.

Fortunately, seniors in Georgia are lucky enough to have an additional option for senior care in personal care homes. And, while regulations mean that personal care staff can’t provide the same level of support as in assisted living, it’s still good to know that if you find a personal care community you love in Georgia, you can still find the support you need through third party home health providers. Good luck with your search as you determine which community might be the best fit for you or your loved one.

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