When it comes to senior living in Texas, variety is the spice of life. The state boasts multiple senior living options, including assisted living, throughout cities big and small. Thanks to the senior living solutions available there, as well as low taxes and other incentives, many older adults flock to the Lone Star State to live in cities named some of the best for retirement. But if you’re financially savvy, you might be wondering how to pay for assisted living in Texas.

We’re breaking down what you need to know about paying for assisted living in Texas, including ways you might be able to offset the costs.

What Is Assisted Living in Texas?

Learning how to pay for assisted living in Texas begins with understanding what assisted living provides and what it doesn’t. All senior living communities are not the same, meaning that not every senior living community is designed to serve every older adult. Assisted living communities provide individualized assistance to every resident based on their specific challenges or needs. Caregivers are available around the clock to offer assistance with activities of daily living, which can include dressing, showering, using the restroom, or medication management.

Assisted living communities provide more than just 24-hour caregiver support. The communities also feature luxury amenities like on-site salons and barbershops, as well as delicious meals served three times daily. Residents live in beautiful apartment homes and can participate in any of the events, programs, and excursions offered at the community.

In addition to independent living and skilled nursing, assisted living is a specific type of senior living. Assisted living communities in Texas are all regulated by the state’s Health and Human Services department. This means that while every assisted living community is unique, they must all meet specific requirements to maintain their license.

What Are Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted living facilities are not “facilities” at all; they are vibrant communities of older adults living together with customized assistance allowing them to maintain independence. These beautiful communities offer luxury amenities and access to wellness resources so residents can feel their best.

There are benefits to choosing assisted living, one of which is the peace of mind that can come with knowing a caregiver is available to assist in case of an emergency. But it’s not just the emergency assistance that makes assisted living a common choice for retired older adults; it is the lifestyle and resources available that promote healthy choices and socialization with peers.

Exceptional assisted living communities offer a variety of services in addition to personalized assistance from a caregiver team. Examples of additional services can include:

  • A dining program that features three chef-prepared meals per day plus adaptive services to ensure everyone has a pleasant and dignified meal experience.
  • A carefully curated event calendar with multiple opportunities offered daily, including live concerts, yoga classes, happy hour socials, trivia groups, book clubs, spiritual fellowship opportunities, and more, all based on resident interest.
  • Housekeeping and personal laundry services.
  • Transportation services for residents to enjoy planned excursions, run errands, or visit the physician.
  • Pet-friendly apartments so that residents can bring along their animal companions.
  • Family events and opportunities for loved ones to get involved in community life, including support groups and educational sessions.

Assisted living communities can also offer specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. These dementia care neighborhoods are designed specifically to combat challenges that arise from cognitive decline and feature specially trained caregivers, nurses, and other team members.

When you are researching senior living, consider your current and future needs. In many cases, assisted living communities can offer you the support you need now and might need in the future. If you aren’t quite sure if assisted living is right for you, talk about it with your physician. Your doctor not only knows about available senior living options but also knows your specific concerns and medical challenges, so they can point you in the right direction.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Texas?

Assisted living communities are often much more affordable than seniors or their family members initially think. However, it is always wise to find a community that fits into a retirement budget and helps the resident meet their financial goals.

Each community can charge a different monthly rate, but the average cost of assisted living in Texas is approximately $3,998 per month. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is an average, which means there are communities with lower and higher monthly rates.

Monthly rates typically include more than just an apartment. Rates can also include utilities, housekeeping services, access to transportation services and socialization activities, and a comprehensive dining program. This means that most older adults can cut out those costs from their monthly budget, as well as their mortgage and homeowners insurance, and find that assisted living is very comparable to their current monthly costs of living at home.

How Much Does Medicaid Pay for Assisted Living in Texas?

If you are searching for ways to offset the monthly cost associated with senior living, you might be able to use your long-term care insurance or veterans benefits to do so.

Can I Use My Veterans Benefits to Pay for Assisted Living in Texas?

If you or your partner are eligible for VA Aid & Attendance benefits, you can use them to offset the costs of assisted living. Using these monthly benefits is a wonderful way to pay for assisted living in Texas.

Does My Long-Term Care Insurance Cover Assisted Living in Texas?

Wondering how to pay for assisted living in Texas often leads adults to double-check their long-term care policy. Depending on your policy, you might be able to use your benefits to offset monthly or yearly costs associated with your assisted living community.

Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living in Texas?

Medicare does not cover assisted living expenses. However, you can use it for prescribed outpatient therapy services, which are often offered on-site at assisted living communities, as well as any durable medical equipment you might need.

How Much Does Medicaid Pay for Assisted Living in Texas?

For those older adults who qualify for Medicaid, there are some opportunities for Medicaid to offset the cost of assisted living. Some older adults can qualify for a waiver that can be used for home- and community-based services, which would include some assisted living communities. This program is called the STAR+PLUS waiver in Texas. Note that this program is in high demand, and there is often a waitlist.

Where Are There Assisted Living Communities in Texas?

Now that you are ready to begin searching for assisted living communities in Texas, you can find them in nearly every city in the state. Although it is wonderful to have so many options for assisted living, it can quickly become overwhelming for older adults and their loved ones.

Narrowing down your choices before scheduling tours or asking communities specific questions is one way to feel empowered and manage your time effectively. Begin your process by narrowing down your assisted living options by a preferred location. For some people, that might mean finding a community that is in the city they currently live in or where their family members are. For others, it might mean looking for a community that is easily accessible from the interstate to make family visits a bit more convenient. In any case, pick a desired location and look at the assisted living options near there.

Then, you can begin to further narrow down your choices based on tours you take of communities. These tours offer you and your loved one the chance to see apartments available, meet key team members, and ask specific questions about care or budget. Your tour will allow you to experience firsthand the community’s culture and lifestyle, which can help you eliminate communities and leave you with a final few for consideration.

As you begin to research how to pay for assisted living in Texas, you want to be sure you are searching for communities that meet not only your financial needs but also your personal needs. Learn what observations to make and what questions to ask during community tours so you can make your best decision by downloading our free resource “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.”

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