Life’s transitions can be exciting. Remember when your parents dropped you off at college or you moved into your first apartment? Change can also be intimidating. Seasoned couples often joke about the challenges of the first years of marriage, and most people know how difficult it can be to juggle expenses as you set out on your own. The transition to senior living is just like any other change. The first days and weeks can be challenging. On the other side of those challenges is a better, happier, more fulfilling life.

Many seniors understand the myriad benefits of senior living. But like a person beginning a new job or a teenager starting a new school, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Rest assured, the caring staff at Arbor’s communities know how to make our residents feel welcome from day one. So what might your first day look like? Here’s a preview.  

Move-In Day

The day you move in will be filled with activity. One of our counselors will meet with you and your family to ensure you have everything you need, then show you to your new home. As you and your family unpack and get set up, you can expect that we’ll stop in a few times to see how you’re doing. Don’t be surprised if a few of our friendly residents pop their heads in, too. Many of our residents take great pride in helping new community members feel welcome. So plan for a busy, social, active day.

As night falls and you settle into bed, you may wonder what to expect the next day. The answer is as unique as you are. Arbor communities are not one-size-fits-all. If you want to fill your day with social activities, you can. If you prefer a quiet afternoon at home, that’s fine, too. Want a mix of outings and privacy? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a sample of what your first full day might look like.


You wake up to a beautiful sunrise. Inspired to get an early start on the day, you head down to the dining room with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Before you can even order your food, a bevy of residents are introducing themselves, welcoming you, asking about your interests, and inviting you to eat with them.

You eat a delicious breakfast, then settle in with a small group. One of the women tells you she’s planning to attend this weekend’s dance. A man recommends going on the annual winery outing in a few weeks. Before you can begin digesting your food, you’re whipping out your rapidly filling calendar.

After breakfast, you head to the community yoga class for a quick stretch before taking a tour of the grounds. You thought you would miss your garden, but you’re already excited about the lush landscaping you see. And with so much natural light in your new home, you might just start an indoor orchid or herb garden.


Excited by possibilities, you retire to your room for a quick nap. You awake to a knock on your door. It’s your next-door neighbor. She heard you were interested in indoor gardening, and she’s been thinking about starting a gardening club. Before you know it, the two of you are jotting down ideas over coffee like old friends. You make plans to go to the local plant store together next week. She heads out to her next social engagement, and you curl up with a good book.

As the day wears on, you’re feeling more comfortable. You’ve heard about community Bingo night, and think you’ll give it a try. But first, you need some dinner.


The aroma of dinner wafts into your room from the dining area, and you’re drawn to fill a plate before you even know what’s hit you. You sit alone, but soon a resident asks if he can sit with you. He’s new, too, and a bit overwhelmed. The two of you strategize about how to spend your time, laughing over mashed potatoes and plotting your next move. Another community member joins you. Feeling socially fulfilled, you tell them you’re going to head to bed early and skip Bingo.

You had no idea a single day could contain so much activity! Your family is visiting tomorrow, and you’re debating whether to invite them to stay for the community dance.

At Arbor, there are infinite ways to enjoy retirement. So don’t let myths and stereotypes about senior living guide your choice. Check out our Senior Living Demystified guide to learn more.

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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