Growing older can be scary. After all, it’s something new and unfamiliar. Old age is also shrouded in secrecy, myth, and a hefty dose of stereotypes about older people. The reality of getting older stands in stark contrast to many myths. Seniors are living happier, healthier, longer lives than ever before. Consequently, many hope to age in place, remaining in their beloved homes for the rest of their lives. When this becomes difficult or impossible, seniors may fear being locked away and forgotten about in a “home.”

Today’s senior living communities are nothing like the nursing homes of a bygone era. Indeed, many perfectly healthy seniors choose senior living because of the many benefits it offers. Here’s why every senior should consider a senior living community.

It May Be More Affordable

It’s amazing how expensive it is just to exist in your home. From home repairs and groceries to a mortgage and car payment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by both routine and emergency expenses.

For many seniors, senior living is actually a more affordable solution. Everything is rolled into one single payment, making it easier to budget. No more leaky roofs or flooded basements. Long-term care insurance, employee benefit plans, and similar programs may also fund all or a portion of your senior living expenses.

You Could Live Longer

Seniors are living longer than ever, due in large part to better medical care and healthier lifestyles. A number of simple health changes—eating a better diet, remaining physically active, staying socially connected, cultivating a sense of purpose via a new hobby—may help you live longer and healthier.

Senior living communities make it easy to exercise by offering regular classes and programs. They support healthy friendships by connecting you to like-minded seniors who may live just a few doors down. They help you get involved in your community through volunteer projects and community-based activities. And they can help you eat a healthier diet without any extra effort because they serve up a wide range of premade gourmet meals.

You’ll Have More to Do

Many seniors are surprised by how hard it is to pass the time in retirement. Particularly if you’re accustomed to working hard or raising children, a break from the chaos can feel a bit overwhelming. Seniors who no longer drive or who live in relatively isolated areas may struggle even more to find things to do.

Senior living offers a wide range of activities for seniors of virtually every interest, activity level, and personality. You don’t have to sit alone at home or endlessly scour the internet for something to do. Just walk down to the community center or chat up one of your neighbors and you’re sure to find an embarrassment of riches.

You’ll Have Safety and Security

Growing old can be scary. If you have chronic health issues, you might worry about what would happen if you had an emergency, such as a fainting episode or a heart attack. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, living at home can become progressively harder. You might worry about falling, feel less confident working in the garden, or struggle to keep up with daily chores.

Senior living communities ensure that you have help when you need it—but without interfering with your privacy and independence. It’s the best of both worlds.

It Could Improve Your Relationship With Loved Ones

No one wants to feel like a burden to their loved ones. Yet your children, grandchildren, friends, and family may worry about you more than you realize, especially if you have a serious health problem. A move to senior living could put their minds at ease. If you already rely on a loved one to help with daily tasks, such as driving or cooking, transferring those tasks to a senior living community could be a relief to both of you. Instead of relying on your loved one as a caregiver (or worrying about whether they will eventually be able to be a caregiver), you can again relate to one another as equals.

Arbor offers diverse senior living options designed to meet the needs and build upon the interests of seniors of every background, lifestyle, and personality. Want to see how much senior living might cost you? Check out our free cost calculator. A vibrant retirement may be more affordable than you think.

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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