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Senior living, Lifestyle, Active Senior Living 8 Amazing Things About Living in Palm-Aire

Living in Palm-Aire, Florida, means cool beach breezes, year-round warmth, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, artistic endeavors, and new friendships. With stunning homes, low crime, and exceptional schools, Broward County may be more than a retirement spot. It may also entice your loved ones to move. Here’s why Palm-Aire may offer your ideal retirement.

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Independent living How Independent Living Is Different at Our Community

Think you already know everything about independent living? Think again. The Arbor Company’s 30 years of experience serving seniors and their families gives us unique insight into how to craft individualized and exceptional retirements. We know that these years can be exciting as you transition away from working. They can also be uncertain because you don’t know what the future holds. Our approach to independent living is setting the industry standard and showing seniors that you really can have it all. Here’s what’s different at our community.

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Dementia, Dementia Care, Dementia Resources Looking for Dementia Care in Palm-Aire? Here's What to Look For

Dementia can feel like a dirty word. Perhaps that’s why many doctors and family members elect not to tell seniors that they have been diagnosed with dementia. Though dementia presents some challenges, it doesn’t have to mark the end of a meaningful life. Seniors deserve to know about their diagnosis so that they can plan for the future they want and deserve. Dementia care in Palm-Aire, Florida, is more than just a strategy for keeping a person with dementia safe. The right community can improve quality of life, maximizing your loved one’s abilities for as long as possible. Here’s what to look for.

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Assisted living Here's Why Assisted Living in Palm-Aire Could Be the Right Move for You

Does the sound of crashing waves fill the soundtrack of every retirement dream you have? Do you want a break from bone-chilling winters and a chance to spend more time outside? If so, then retirement in Palm-Aire, Florida, might be the perfect move for you. Too many seniors feel torn between the challenges of aging — struggles with daily activities, the need to find new and meaningful things to do — and the fantasy of retirement. Assisted living offers the perfect solution, bringing everything you need under one breezy Palm-Aire roof. Here’s why assisted living might be the right move for you.

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Bridges, Bridges Neighborhood The Benefits of Living in Our Bridges Neighborhood

Dementia can be a profoundly isolating experience for both people with dementia and the caregivers who love them. But rest assured you are not alone. One in three seniors dies with some form of dementia. Millions of families across the country are grappling with the very issues you face and finding that dementia does not have to mark the end of a meaningful, joyous life. If you are in the early or moderate stages of dementia, the Bridges neighborhood offers the perfect level of support between assisted living and dementia care. Here’s what you need to know as you weigh your options.

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Dementia Care Dementia Care in Pompano Beach: Is It Right for Your Parents?

When your loved one receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, it feels devastating. Unfortunately, many family members do not have enough time to process their emotions because there are too many things to begin thinking about when it comes to future planning, safety, and health. Dementia care communities can provide a welcome relief for family members and a comfortable haven for seniors living with cognitive decline. Are there any Pompano Beach options that could be best for your situation? Here are a few points to consider as you begin to make the best decisions for your loved one now and in the years to come.

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Assisted living Ready for Independent Living? Here's What It's Like at The Preserve

Most seniors relish the idea of staying at home for as long as they can, aging in place somewhere that feels familiar. Yet the realities of aging in place rarely live up to the hype. The leaky roof, the garden that always needs tending, and the ongoing challenges of finding something to do — especially if you no longer drive — can quickly erode your quality of life. Independent living offers a luxurious alternative that can reinvigorate your life and ensure you always have something meaningful to do. Here’s what independent living at The Preserve offers you.

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Assisted living How to Start Your Assisted Living Search in Palm-Aire, FL

If your aging loved one is feeling a bit lonely at home by themselves, or if they could benefit from some additional assistance with daily tasks, assisted living could be the perfect solution. Fortunately, seniors and their family members have a variety of choices when it comes to assisted living communities in the Pompano Beach area. Unfortunately, these communities are not created equal, and sifting through the options to discover the best solution for your situation can be overwhelming, confusing, and even frustrating. As you begin your assisted living search in Palm-Aire, Florida, be sure to start the process by educating yourself. The more you know about assisted living, as well as what observations to make during your touring process, the better you will be able to make a confident decision.

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Senior Living LIVE Senior Living LIVE! Bridges and Memory Care Celebration

The Preserve at Palm Aire now offers everything for everyone! Celebrating a fresh renovation in Memory Care, and unveiling a new Bridges neighborhood to offer transitional care that is unique to The Preserve, this community allows South Florida seniors an opportunity to enjoy a quality lifestyle with all the services and amenities they will ever need.

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Dementia, Dementia Care Take a Sneak Peek Inside Our Renovated Dementia Care Community

Change is in the air at The Preserve, and our team could not be more excited to introduce our residents and community to our newly remodeled Evergreen neighborhood. We are firmly committed to providing the lifestyle and environment that our residents need, and that includes taking on projects that take time to plan and implement. Our Evergreen neighborhood, specially designed for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, is getting the full treatment, and we couldn’t wait until it was completed to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

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