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The True Cost of Assisted Living in Marietta, GA

Assisted living can change everything about the way you live. Seniors live happier, longer lives in senior living communities. For seniors who struggle with activities of daily living, the shift to assisted living may mean transitioning from stress, anxiety, and daily struggle to a life of ease and joy. Many seniors have heard from their friends about the gourmet dining, endless activities, and easy fellowship they can expect in the right community. Yet they worry about the cost of assisted living. The truth is that the right community in Marietta, Georgia, may cost less than you think — and could even save you money in the long run.

How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

The price you’ll pay for senior living depends on a number of factors, including: 

  • The specific services you choose
  • The quality of the community
  • Your geographic location
  • Whether you add a meal plan, transportation, or other amenities
  • The size of the home you select

As with most things, you get what you pay for. It’s true that the best communities try to make efficient use of their money so that more residents can live there. But exceptional communities also pay their staff well and boast a range of amenities. That usually means a slightly higher price tag. The average cost of assisted living in Georgia is around $3,000 per month.

Are You Spending More Than You Think to Stay at Home?

Living at home may cost more than you think. There are the costs of homeownership, of course — maintenance, a mortgage if you still have one, saving up for renovations and upkeep — but those expenses are just one piece of the puzzle.

If you’re considering assisted living, you probably need some daily help. If you pay for in-home help, the bills will quickly pile up. For just three hours of help a day, you’ll pay $1,500 a month or more. Consider that in assisted living, you’ll get help 24/7, whenever you need it, and the better deal becomes clear. If you don’t pay for help, you may be stuck relying on loved ones who have their own schedules and distractions — and who may not always have the energy to help.

Everyone wants a fun and fulfilling retirement. That, too, costs money. You’ll have to pay for car maintenance and transportation, schedule time for special events, track down friends to make plans with, and shell out plenty of cash for eating out, movies, lessons, and the myriad other things you may want to do. If you want a great retirement, you could easily spend $1,000 or more per month on entertainment and transportation alone.

The Value of Assisted Living

Assisted living is an all-in-one option that provides everything you need under one roof, and with a predictable and stable price tag. In the right community, you’ll gain access to:

  • Exercise classes
  • A community of like-minded seniors 
  • Classes that help you master a wide range of skills
  • Special events and celebrations
  • Transportation 
  • Exceptional gourmet dining
  • A lovely, maintenance-free home
  • Help whenever and wherever you need it — without giving up your independence or privacy

Potential Cost Savings

When you take into account all of the amenities you’ll get, the value of assisted living is clear. Even so, it’s easy to focus on the price tag. There’s good news here, too. Many seniors can save money in the right community. You’ll no longer have to worry about home maintenance, groceries, or entertainment. Perhaps even better, if you sell your home, you’ll quickly gain a nest egg to fund your retirement and invest in a luxury senior home. 

Making the Decision

Think you might be ready for assisted living? If you feel overwhelmed by daily activities, worried about what will happen if you ever need help, or increasingly lonely, then a move could improve your health and quality of life. Don’t let financial concerns deter you. There are many options for funding senior living, and a great community might be more affordable than you think. For assistance comparing your options, try our free cost calculator tool. To learn more about the costs of senior living, read our guide here

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