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A dementia diagnosis can be scary, not just to the senior facing dementia, but to the friends and family who will help care for them. Dementia means that a person’s lifestyle and way of thinking will change, but it does not have to mark the end of a meaningful, joy-filled life. Indeed, dementia forces some seniors to take stock of what really matters and focus on living their best possible life in the present moment. As you contemplate a dementia care plan, it’s important to consider how the right assisted living community can support your efforts to remain independent, active, and safe. Arbor Terrace of East Cobb’s Bridges living offers supportive dementia care to seniors who are not yet ready for traditional dementia care. 

Why Bridges Living? 

Many people who tour dementia care communities early in their dementia journey have a similar reaction: “I’m not like those people.” “Mom’s certainly not ready for that level of care.” Dementia care for moderate to advanced dementia offers comprehensive, 24/7 support that you can’t really get anywhere else — certainly not at home. And although this is incredibly positive for people who need it, for people who don’t, it can feel like too much. You may also struggle to connect with other residents, because their cognitive decline is more advanced than yours. 

Even if you’re not ready for traditional dementia care, you may find that you’re struggling more at home. People with mild to moderate dementia need extensive emotional support to deal with the realities of declining cognition. Bridges offers this support, as well as practical assistance with everyday tasks. Best of all, you’ll never be bored. Arbor’s Bridges community tailors a wide range of activities to the unique needs and abilities of people with mild to moderate dementia. 

What Is Bridges? 

Many people with dementia find themselves at an intermediate point where the right path is unclear. They may no longer be able to live at home, or they struggle to afford the 24/7 help that life at home would require. Assisted living may help with activities of daily living but fail to keep their minds active or cater to the unique emotional challenges of life with dementia. Despite these evolving challenges, you might find that traditional dementia care also fails to meet your needs — that the environment is too restrictive, or that the residents have little in common with you. 

Bridges is the perfect midway point. We work with seniors who aren’t ready for dementia care, but who need more than assisted living can provide. With Bridges, you can age in place. As your needs evolve, you can shift to traditional dementia care while remaining in a familiar setting with caregivers who know you. 

Is Bridges Right for Me?

The Bridges living could be the perfect fit for you if: 

  • You are struggling with daily activities. 
  • You feel scared and overwhelmed. 
  • You get more easily confused than before. 
  • You no longer feel safe living at home. 
  • You can feel your cognition slipping, but you’re still yourself and still have plenty of interests and hobbies you want to pursue. 
  • Your loved ones are worried about your safety, or find caregiving overwhelming. 
  • You want to ensure that you live in a safe, inviting community, especially as you age. 

Dementia is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you chart a course to a rewarding, fear-free life with dementia. Give us a call to learn more about Bridges!

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Cynthia Smith

About the Author: Cynthia Smith

I’ve been a part of The Arbor family for 11 years. It is a blessing to be able to serve the residents, families, and staff of Arbor Terrace of East Cobb. I’m excited to make this the best experience for our wonderful residents. I look forward to the stories and hugs our residents like to share. I believe in the Arbor Standard; we truly Listen, Care, and Respond!