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Assisted living, Dementia, Dementia Care 10 Tips On Transitioning A Loved One To Dementia Care in Greenville, SC

Transitions of any kind can be emotional, no matter your age. However, when you add a complicating factor like memory loss, a transition can be especially worrisome. If you are planning on transitioning a loved one to dementia care in Greenville, South Carolina, you can make the move a bit easier by planning ahead, working with community members, and keeping communication strong.

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Assisted living, Assisted Living FAQs 5 FAQs About Assisted Living in Greenville, SC

Greenville County is, by population, the largest county in South Carolina, with an estimated 523,542 residents as of July 2019. More than 16 percent of that population comprises adults aged 65 or older. Some members of this demographic are proud lifelong Greenville residents; others chose to retire to Greenville because of its temperate climate and wide variety of attractions and activities.

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Dementia Care How to Help Your Loved One Move to a Dementia Care Community in Greenville, SC

When your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, regular life tasks can become more challenging for you and for them. This challenge carries over for more complex tasks, such as any type of transition. When it is time to move to dementia care, the transition should be handled with as much care, planning, and compassion as possible in order to make it a success.

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Memory care, Dementia Care Looking for Memory Care in Greenville? Here's What to Look For

According to recent estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 16 percent of Greenville County’s approximately 514,000 residents are 65 or older. Given the Alzheimer’s Association’s statistic that one in three older adults will be diagnosed with some form of dementia, many Greenville County residents will likely need memory care at some point. If you’re one of these residents and starting to look for memory care in Greenville, here are some things to look for.

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Senior Activities How to Plan a Senior-Friendly Trip to the Greenville Zoo

Summer 2020 looks different than we might have expected it to at the beginning of the year. We all have to be extra cautious because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and many standard favorite activities are off limits or significantly restricted.

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Lifestyle Tips, Senior Safety Keep It Cool: Know the Signs of Heat Exhaustion in Seniors

If you’re a longtime Greenville resident, or even if you’ve only lived in the area for a few years, you’re probably already bracing for summer weather. According to Weather Atlas, in July, Greenville sees average highs of about 90 degrees. July is also the rainiest month of the year in Greenville, adding humidity to the heat.

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Dementia Care How Dementia Care at The Gardens Is Different

Currently, there are more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. When a senior loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it is important to take time to process your feelings and understand what to expect. After the initial adjustment, however, you’ll likely want to start looking for support for your loved one.

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Assisted living, Floor Plan Options Discover Our Favorite Assisted Living Floor Plans

At our Arbor communities, we frequently talk with seniors and their families about their questions and concerns regarding a move to assisted living. Understandably, before making this big change, people want to know about what it might cost, what kinds of therapies are available, and what seniors can do to keep their minds and bodies active in assisted living communities. We are always happy to have these conversations, and our years of experience and genuine love for what we do help us provide answers that put our future residents’ and their loved ones’ minds at ease.

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Assisted living, Memory care, Bridges Is There an Option Between Assisted Living and Memory Care?

An estimated 5.6 million Americans ages 65 and older are living with dementia. Though this prevalent disease is associated with decreased independence and a fear of the unknown, a dementia diagnosis does not have to mean the end of a fulfilling life. The right senior living solution can ensure your loved one’s safety while enabling them to continue living a life of purpose and joy. 

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Assisted living, Memory care, valentines day Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Seniors

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it doesn’t always feel that way (especially not during a leap year). The winter solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer, but there’s still quite a bit of winter left. Whether you’re a lifelong lover of it or put off by the commercialism of it all, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to shake off the midwinter blues and share some warmth with those you love. If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect gift idea for a beloved older adult, this post is for you!

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