Adults who research senior living communities typically do so because they want to make themselves and their wellness a priority for their second stage in life. Thanks to services and amenities that support a healthy lifestyle, senior living communities create the ideal environment for adults to choose what comes next in their days and years ahead.

Of course, for adults who are married or in a partnership, life with their loved one is most important. Senior living communities can not only meet the different needs of each individual in the couple but can also create the opportunity for less stress in the partnership. What does life look like for couples in a senior living community? Let us tell you.

Saying Goodbye to Household Stress

Partners who live together in a house might feel more and more overwhelmed with the chores and tasks that go along with homeownership. Fortunately, senior living communities offer a maintenance-free lifestyle with plenty of luxury amenities so couples can finally stop coordinating the cleaning schedule and the landscaping and instead begin planning their next trip or event.

Moving into a senior living community can offer a welcome break from chores and tasks, giving both partners the freedom to explore new hobbies or pursuits individually or together. Maintenance-free living can also decrease any arguments that might happen as a result of stressful homeowner decisions or responsibilities, making the partnership even stronger.

New Friendships

Senior living communities were thoughtfully designed to create common spaces that are perfect for striking up a conversation with a neighbor or sitting down for a cup of coffee with a new friend. Events and programs at the community, from outdoor concerts to painting workshops, are also ideal opportunities to meet new friends or share experiences with a favorite person.

Couples can enjoy meeting new friends together or individually, giving them social engagement they may not have had at home, especially if neither one drove. Having social events readily available in a community is also great for couples who have different preferences. For example, an extroverted husband can be busy all day with friends at their senior living community while his introverted wife can enjoy quiet time at home with a good book or podcast.

Assistance When Needed

Finally, couples in senior living can rest assured that assistance is nearby if one of them needs it. All too often, older adult couples face challenges in caring for one another. If one person becomes ill or has a chronic condition that the other person has to help with, the partner relationship can suffer as a caregiver-carer relationship develops by necessity.

At a senior living community, both individuals can continue to be partners. In both assisted living and dementia care neighborhoods, helpful caregivers are available who can provide assistance so that one partner doesn’t have to shoulder the caregiver role.

More About Dementia Care

If one person in the couple receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, senior living can still offer a wonderful solution. The person living with dementia can live in the specialized memory care area of the senior living community so they can receive the tailored support they need, and the other partner can continue to live in assisted living. The partner is welcome to come and go as they please to visit their loved one in memory care, and the community caregiving team will be there to offer support and education about the disease.

Home Sweet Home

Couples living in a senior living community enjoy the same perks and benefits as any resident, but this convenient and comfortable life is even better when you share it together.

Learn more about the different types of senior living options by downloading our free guide, “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.” Then, find an Arbor community near you to begin exploring floor plans that are available that will suit the needs of both of you.

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