It’s time to master your health and wellness, the Arbor Way. According to countless studies, physical activity is shown to decrease senior frailty levels, leading to steep declines in illnesses and diseases, and is also responsible for boosting our mental health and cognitive function and even slowing the progression of memory conditions. This is why our engagement teams within The Arbor Company are working around the clock to meet residents’ desires to age actively and gracefully with wellness programs that match their mobility levels and unique interests.Our VP of Engagement and Director of Active Aging, Kris Frankel, took us on a deep dive of the newest health and wellness program rolled out to several of our communities this past year. Here’s a closer look:

A New Chapter of Health and Wellness

At the beginning of 2023, Kris Frankel asked a few team members and three fitness coordinators at various Arbor communities if they would be willing to focus their engagement coordinator positions more on health and wellness. This came shortly after Kris noticed the majority of resident’s profiles expressed interest in improving their overall health and wellness, providing the opportunity to prove we put the wants and needs of residents first. The suggestion was met with resounding enthusiasm and shortly after, we partnered with AAA/ISMA Fitness to curate a tailored fitness certification program specifically for seniors. The engagement team members arrived at Arbor Terrace Mirabelle in January of 2023 for the day-long program and exam, which they passed with flying colors and officially became certified senior fitness trainers. 

On day two of the program, one of our fitness directors from Arbor Terrace Citrus Park, Veronica Barnaby, hosted a specialized aerobics class. Eager to utilize our training and knowledge, the team gathered residents from across the Mirabelle community to engage in some hands-on health and wellness activities. The experience was a huge success and the residents were thrilled that the Arbor Company listened to their request for more wellness learning opportunities. 

Our Commitment to Continued Excellence in Active Aging

Following this certification experience, the Arbor Company partnered with Sagely’s tracking software to gather engagement analytics and results of the new fitness programs. By May of 2023, our newly certified experts pieced together a comprehensive assessment measuring various mobility metrics such as standing and sitting exercises and the improvement in resident fitness across the board was astounding, particularly in regards to flexibility, with one of the residents able to improve their reach by ten inches.

Since we first launched this new venture in January, health and wellness activities have increased by a vast 32% and health conditions, such as UTIs, have decreased due to the level of fitness and hydration that was maintained. More data showed that the number of senior falls had decreased from 16 recorded in March 2022 to 10 in March 2023 following the start of the program as well as 16 falls in April 2022 compared to 7 in April 2023.

Additionally, testimonials and feedback on the new program have been abundant, with one resident noting their blood pressure had lowered significantly and another sharing their excitement at being able to kneel in church for communion. More residents have shared meeting their weight loss goals, the ability to climb flights of stairs unassisted and making lasting friendships within workout classes. We are thrilled the new activities have been met with such enthusiasm and look forward to putting an even stronger emphasis on active aging in the years to come.

Here are the communities that are actively taking part in the new health and wellness initiatives (with more to be added soon):

We would be remiss not to mention that thanks to our brave trailblazers who stepped up first to be a part of the program, every Arbor community followed the charge and participated in another AAA/ISMA certification class this January 2024. Now we are thrilled to announce that we have certified fitness engagement coordinators in all 52 communities! 

Curious to learn more about how to achieve the vibrant and active retirement of your dreams? Our in-depth guide to Active Aging is free to download and will help you discover hobbies that meet your mobility level and interests. Also feel free to visit an Arbor community near you or contact us with any questions! We look forward to introducing you to our compassionate caregivers and award-winning services. 

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