COVID-19 has tested us all. It challenged us. It separated us. But now, as the vaccine continues to be administered to an increasing number of people across the country, we are beginning to come back together. 

We are so thankful that the majority of our communities were part of the “phase 1A” group in the national vaccine rollout. This means that we were at the front of the line to receive the shot, helping to protect our residents, our staff, and their families.

We are also thankful for and proud of the way our communities came together at each of our vaccination clinics. Arbor residents and staff celebrated the vaccine and embraced the opportunity to help keep themselves and each other safe from COVID-19.

Throughout this experience, we’ve heard from residents and staff about the importance of the vaccine and what getting the shot meant to them. We’ve seen the smiles on their faces and the emotional responses as they moved one step closer to a covid-free future. 

To share some of these reactions with you, we’ve put together this brief video compilation of the vaccination clinics we held throughout all of our Arbor communities. Hear from our residents and staff, in their own words, as they celebrate the beginning of the end of COVID-19. Watch the video above!

Video Transcript

- Well, today, today's a great day 'cause this is the beginning of the end of this pandemic to me.

- It really is a family here, and you could feel it when we were getting our vaccines. Everybody was doing this for everybody else, not just for themselves, and I think that that is kind of the message that our community always has to share is that it's about the whole family here.

- I think once the inoculations is done throughout the area, there's gonna be a lot of people feeling comfortable about where they are, and how they're doing in their lives right now.

- Well, I'm from a medical family, and so I was not concerned at all. Glad that I was going to have the opportunity to have it.

- We've been able to vaccinate our residents, some of our family members, our staff.

- I believe in the science. This is not a haphazard vaccine. I feel this information has been around since 2002, so this is a great opportunity.

- It meant a lot to me, for everybody. I feel like everybody should take the shot.

- So I'm just really excited, once I get that second vaccine, because I told my grandson I'm gonna give him the biggest hug and the biggest kiss.

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